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Type: Game
Category: Racing
Requires: 2.3 and up
Curent version: 1.0
Updated: 22.04.2015
Price: Free
Size: 37.61 Mb
Download: 182

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Description of 3D Race Machine

Do I sense an adrenaline junkie and an extreme speed addict? Well, then we have the right 3D car race machine for a daredevil like you, the right high-speed, sleek sports car to release all that energy stored inside you ! So, fast your seat belt and burn the wind at the wheel of your eye-popping yellow supercar, leaving all the other racers in this competition no chance to get anywhere close to you!

precision touch controls
tilt controls (+ onscreen brake button)
realistic car dynamics
a jaw-dropping, sleek sports car to feast your eyes on
3 other equally impressive rally cars to compete against
5 levels challenging you, each one of them, with a different no. of tricky laps to complete
5 different environments to speed race in
phenomenal 3D graphics

Ready to start the mayhem on the circuit and enjoy probably one of your future top favorite 3D racing games? Then get behind the start-finish line and hit the gas, leaving all the other racers way, way behind you! Keep speed tilting your device left and right, master handling all those risky curves like a pro'! At no moment should you let the adrenaline rising through your veins, given by the intense speed that you'll reach, trick you into getting less cautious. At every second, at every turn you risk to bump into the concrete parapet. It will drastically slow you down, so mind you strive to handle that mind-blowing speed, and the rush of adrenaline coming with it, like a professional racer, don't let allow it to control you 100%.

You'll burn rubber along a green, green field, then you'll hit the gas along a suspended highway, the ocean underneath; the scenery changes as you advance in the game, as you complete level after level, and so does the level of difficulty. If you find it unbelievably easy to complete the 2 laps in the first level and be the first to reach the finish line, things get tougher and tougher in the next 4 levels! Then, you'll have no doubt left: this sure is one of the most demanding 3D car racing games that you've ever tested! Keep a close eye on all the valuable information displayed on your touchscreen, such as the mileage, the position you're on (compared to your opponents) and the no. of laps you will have completed.

Also, don't get discouraged when you accidentally bump into one of those parapets, thus offering your opponents a great advance; they'll, of course, speed race way, way ahead of you, towards the finish line. Keep your cool and be quick to get your car out of there relying on the tilt controls and on the brake button, too, which shows up on the left side bottom corner of your screen! Then, engage in a wild, wild race, quenching your thirst for intense, adrenaline-rising speed, striving to retrieve the valuable seconds you will have lost trying to redress your supercar and to prove that no 3D car racing games, no matter how challenging, could demoralize you!

So, what are you waiting for? The countdown has just begun, all your rivals have lined up behind the start line! Rush in to enjoy your share of pure adrenaline, to show off your amazing skills as a rally racer at the wheel of your breathtaking 3D race Machine!



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