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Description of Ratib Al Haddad

Allah Almighty says:

فَاذْكُرُونِي أَذْكُرْكُمْ وَاشْكُرُوا لِي وَلَا تَكْفُرُونِ

This means:
Therefore, remember you told me undoubtedly I remember (also) to you, and be grateful to Me, and do not deny (favor) my. (QS.Al-Baqarah: 152).

Know that wird powerful influence to illuminate the hearts and fill that inner strength, as well as controlling the body, but will not be effective if it is not done continuously at the times specified. If at any time, for one reason you are not working, you should replace it at another time, so deceiving the wird-wird familiar with them. (Al-Habib 'Abdulloh bin 'Alwi Al-Haddad)

We hope this simple application can help us to continuously into practice, whenever and wherever we are.

These readings we received from Habib Nuh ibn 'Alwi Al-Haddad, Solo.

Table of contents :

1. Ratib Al-Haddad + Translation of Syarah Ratib Al-Haddad (in Indonesia) + audio.
2. Wirdullathif + Translation (in Indonesia).
3. Asmaul Husna + Translation (in Indonesia) + audio.
4. Sholawat Bariyyah + Translation (in Indonesia) + audio.
5. Sholawat Ya Rosulalloh + Translation (in Indonesia) + audio.
6. Benediction Tawassul + Translation (in Indonesia) + audio.
7. Qod Kafaani 'IlmuRobbi + Translation (in Indonesia).
8. Ya Sayyidi Ya Rosulalloh + audio.
9. Munajah Lil-Imam Al-Haddad + Translation (in Indonesia).
10. Benediction. (in Indonesia and Java language) + audio.
11. Sholawat Closing + Translation (in Indonesia) + audio.


a) Copy and Share text.
b) Customize of letters (font size, font typeface).
c) Index page (only available on Ratib Al-Haddad and Wirdullathif).
d) etc.



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