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Type: Game
Category: Educational
Requires: Android 2.3 and up
Curent version: 1.1.3
Updated: 24.04.2015
Price: Free
Size: 21.73 Mb
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Description of Learning Shapes for Kids

“Learning Shapes” is an educational game for young children. A portal to the color; shape world, the app helps to build the skills and knowledge of your child in a playful manner. The young player will be taught to distinguish between different shapes and apply that knowledge in real life.

Features and Advantages of the Game:

- The puzzle game presents seven different figures, including circle, rhombus, square, rectangular, oval, polygon, triangle, as well as shapes of heart, footprint and flower.
- Bright and funny pictures provide for easy shape learning for kids. The name of each object is pronounced clearly and distinctly.
- Three types of game activity are provided: learning shapes of everyday life objects, a shape shifter to consolidate the knowledge, and awesome shape puzzles for kids, showing how a complicatedly shaped object is often composed of simple parts.
- The quest introduces all names in six languages. So it is the right choice if you are looking for a Spanish, French, Russian, Portuguese, German or English kids shape puzzle.
- The intuitive interface of the game makes it easy to cope with even for children of kindergarten age.

How to play:

- Learn the shapes. The first icon leads the young explorer to a deserted land overgrown with cacti. Press the arrows in the top part of the screen to switch between shapes and the three objects from everyday life representing each.
- Practice your knowledge. The second gate brings the adventurers and their parents to a tropical lake shore. The task is to shape shift the cards into matching cutouts.
- The toddler won't be able to muff a stroke as the plate is not going stick to a wrong shape frame. When the child manages to fit the piece within the right cutout, the device vibrates. Three pieces done, a word of appraise is heard, encouraging to build on the success with further practice.
- Play puzzles to strengthen the knowledge of shapes. Upon going through the third portal, the young player finds themselves on a sandy beach, gold and sparkling, to play an entertaining shape builder game. Five riddles resembling the famous tangram puzzle are represented here. Among them are: fir three, frogling, house, loco train and helicopter.
- The kid has to drag variously shaped elements to their places within the picture. Only after you cope with the first block puzzle, the next one is available, which propels interest and curiosity in the child.

In learning shapes, kids games like shape buster, shape train or animal shape puzzles can endow immensely. All their best features and advantages have been gathered in the app “Learning Shapes,” which is a shapes toddler preschool game full of adventures and fun. Playing puzzle games for kids will enable to understand the shape design concept and teach to differentiate between basic figures, which is also essential for remembering letters and numbers.

We are trying to make learning games for kids with different items in the game – like amphibians and reptiles for better baby education. This game can find place in a list of good kindergarten games for learning figure, number, numerals and color for 2 years old and 3 years old kids. It’s a showtime for distraction and a teaser show of delight and enlightenment for preschooler kids. The lifetime of context retention for language is for similarity

The interactive shape crop activity based on drag-and-dropping elements will help develop fine motor skills, while names of shapes and objects pronounced in six languages make particular use for those intending to continue the study of languages at school. Thanks to the variety of shapes and colors, soft music, vibration and cheers, the child will take the entire educational process with laughter and pleasure.

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