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Type: Game
Category: Educational
Requires: Android 2.3 and up
Curent version: 2.0.2
Updated: 26.11.2014
Price: Free
Size: 11.59 Mb
Download: 4059

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Description of Connect the dots for kids

'Connect the Dots for kids' playgame is an entertaining educational app for young children. The child playing it will take a wonderful flight of imagination, being fascinated by the pile of bright colorful pictures and magic maelstrom of stars.

Game features and advantages:
- The app offers 15 bright colorful pictures which are to be composed of separate lines. Among them are: butterfly, bicycle, giraffe, doll, car, ice-cream cone, ball, doughnut, airplane, flower, puppy, apple, and three alphabetic letters, the A, B and C.
- The game has different difficulty levels for each task. It contains both simple pictures consisting of several lines and difficult, more complicated ones.
- The presented version of the game is available in several languages: English, Russian, French, Spanish and German. All the numbers and names of the objects displayed on the screen are pronounced in the language you have chosen. The pronunciation is clear and distinct, which allows the child to broaden his or her vocabulary and will be of use for those who study languages at school.
- The funny sounds and vibrations accompanying the game will cause great amusement to the child and keep him from getting bored. Rich, bright colors in every picture make the educational process interesting and exciting.
- Intuitive interface of the game makes it easy to control, which allows young children to play it by themselves, with no parents' attention or help needed.

How to play:
- At the beginning choose the language of the game from the list given on the left. To start the game touch the big star-shaped 'Play' button on the right.
- On the screen, the child will see a starry night sky. The stars will be scattered all over the sky in a certain order, each star bearing a number. The toddler has to connect them one by one in the correct order. Dots have to be connected into lines according to the strict order of numbers. As you start the game, the first star is always highlighted to help the child get his or her direction.
- If the child's choice of the next dot happens to be wrong, the line won't be drawn in. After the lines have formed the full contour, the kid will be showed a beautificent stellar animation and the bright and sweet picture the stars have been hiding.
- Touch the arrows found on both sides of the screen to change difficulty level of the picture.

The 'Connect the Dots' playgame helps develop child's imagination and spatial thinking skills. Peering into the mosaic of fancily scattered stars the child will try passionately to imagine what might be lurking behind them. What kind of picture will it be this time? What will the lines get arranged into? Each new dot and line will cause the child to think of new possible variants. Throughout the game, the kid will be instinct with curiosity and intense interest.

The app will be very useful for young kids, as it can make a remarkable contribution into development of their fine motor skills by training the muscles of their little fingers. Time and time again trying to hit the right dot the child improves these important skills, which in turns will be vital for developing neat writing at school.

Many educational games for children help the young players learn numerals. However, few of them can teach the child of proper understanding of the right order of numbers. 'Connect the Dots' is a free game which will teach the child to arrange numbers in ascending order. The toddler cannot make a wrong connection of the dots, because the line just won't be drawn in, if the next number of the sequence is chosen wrong. A great many pictures to be composed will give the young player enough time and tries to remember the new information very well.

The 'Connect Dots' game will take it rightful place in your collection of educational apps for children of preschool age.

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