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Type: Game
Category: Puzzle
Requires: Android 2.3 and up
Curent version: 1.1.3
Updated: 28.12.2015
Price: Free
Size: 38.31 Mb
Download: 125

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Description of Fillshape

Fillshape is an engaging puzzle game, the first in a new series of games featuring a cheerful traveller. Accompanied by the main character, you set off on a journey where you’ll have to work out tough logic conundrums, paint shapes, and piece together some kind of jigsaw puzzles; where a crafty riddle will be a typical quandary to encounter, where you’ll find yourself in puzzlement thinking of a way out of a mysterious ice boulder maze and have to find the best solution and move combinations to complete each new quest. This game will immerse you into a world of challenging solutions where there's no room for confusion.
The game offers an irresistible combination of the best features of Tetris, Block Puzzle and 15 Puzzle and is appreciated by over 2048 sticklers who have completed all its seasons – it leaves us in no doubt that you are up to the challenge, too, and can make it to the top of the world ranking.
The game rules are simple: you have to paint all the square spaces green by moving a counter over them. You can’t move backwards. By sliding the counter onto a space you change its colour. When you move the counter over the same space another time, it changes colour again. The colours change in the following sequence: red – blue – green.
The game features Practice Mode and hints, and you can cancel your previous move and restart a level.
Now apart from five seasons, i.e. 150 levels in total, there are weekly tournaments and quick games (NB: Season 5 is only available in Premium Version).
That’s Fillshape for you, where you pump up your brain in engaging gameplay – each and every moment of it.



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