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Description of Congo Hymne National

Congo National Anthem

Debout Congolais is the national anthem of the Democratic Republic of Congo. It was written by Father Simon-Pierre Boka, composed by Joseph Lutumba and adopted the year of independence in 1960. The anthem was replaced by the Zairean, also written by Boka in 1971 under Mobutu. Since the takeover by Laurent-Désiré Kabila in 1997, Standing Congolese again became the national anthem.

The Democratic Republic of Congo (Kikongo ya Kongo Repubilika Demokratiki, Swahili is Kidemokrasia Jamhuri ya Kongo, Lingala Repubilíka are Kongó Demokratíki in tshiluba Ditunga dia Kongu Mungalaata wa) is a country in central Africa. It is the fourth most populous country in Africa and the most populous francophone country.

The country is also simply called Congo, or more often DRC, Congo - Kinshasa Congo or to differentiate it from the neighboring Republic of Congo, itself called "Congo - Brazzaville" for the same reason. From 1908 to 1960, this former Belgian Congo colony was called but also "Congo-Leopoldville" until 1966, when the name change of the capital Kinshasa. With zairianisation, the country was called Zaire from 1971 to 1997.
Kinshasa, called "Leopoldville" from 1881 to 1966, is the capital and largest city of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

In French it is: Democratic Republic of Congo (fr)
In Kikongo is: Repubilika ya Kongo Demokratiki (kg)
Swahili is: are Kidemokrasia Jamhuri ya Kongo (sw)
Lingala is: Republiki are Kongó Demokratiki (ln)
By Chiluba is: Ditunga dia Kongu wa Mungalaata (lua)

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