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Description of Biblical Apocrypha KJV

«Biblical apocrypha» is the application that allows us to get acquainted with the stories that can not be seen either in the New or in the Old Testament. These stories can be found in the Bible King James and they will be instructive for both children and adults. It is very simple and the most convenient program for reading texts from Biblical apocrypha. In this application, ease of use coupled with a beautiful interface. These two features allow you to read the stories from the Bible King James without distracting for anything else. The «Biblical apocrypha» includes a number of categories, which are briefly described below.

The first chapter is devoted to Esdras - the Jewish high priest, returned after the Babylonian captivity to recreate a Jewish state on the basis of the law of the Torah. Esdras tells you about those events that occurred in the period between the V and VI centuries BC.
The Book of Tobit tells about the blind Tobit and his son Tobias, whose guide was the angel Raphael. The Book of Tobit was written in the second century BC.
The book of Judith tells of a Jewish widow who saved her native city from invasion of the Assyrians. The text of the Book of Judith was written on the basis of earlier oral traditions in the middle of the II century BC.
Additions to the Book of Esther is the stories which were not included in the canonical Bible. However, these additions to the Book of Esther survived and you can read them thanks to our application.
The Book of Wisdom of Solomon contains ancient didactically wise sayings. The author of the Wisdom of Solomon is presumed to King Solomon.
The total content of Wisdom of Jesus Son of Sirach anciently was considered as deeply instructive book for those seeking lessons of wisdom and piety. Fathers of the Church often used the expressions from the Wisdom of Jesus Son of Sirach as confirmation of their didactic thoughts.
Prologue to Wisdom of Jesus Son of Sirach was written by the grandson of the author of Wisdom of Jesus Son of Sirach. Prologue to Wisdom of Jesus Son of Sirach gives some explanations that relate to this book.
The Book of Baruch was written to show the Jews that all their disasters, such as the Babylonian captivity and the burning of Jerusalem, were sent to them for their sins and their fathers’ sins, to encourage them to repent and promise to console by temporal and eternal freedom. The book of Baruch contains remarkable prophecy about the new spiritual glory of Jerusalem, whose children will be gathered from the west unto the east by the word of the Holy.
The Letter of Jeremiah ironically describes how to create idols, how to maintain it, including removal of dust, and tells about priests, benefiting from all this. As a result, the author of the Letter of Jeremiah comes to the idea that good people will not engage in such a vain thing.
One of the most interesting sections of our application is the Prayer of Azariah. The Prayer of Azariah is the meaning of the prayer of the Jewish people, punished and penitent.
The legend tells of how during the Babylonian captivity a beautiful Jewess Susanna was falsely accused by two senior horny old men, peeping at her. However Susanna was justified because of the discrepancies in the testimonies of the elders.
In the first chapter of the book of Bel and the Dragon Daniel by ingenious way opens deception by which the priests of Bel were forcing to think that the idol devours food and drinks brought to him. In the second part of the book of Bel and the Dragon, Daniel kills the dragon, throwing him dough consisting of resin, fat, and hair into the jaws; after swallowing of this dough the dragon bursts.
Prayer of Manasseh glorified Lord's omnipotence, His mercy to the patriarchs of the Jewish people and to all the repentant people. Also Prayer of Manasseh reminds Manasseh’s own excessive sins and his remorse.
Books of the Maccabees tell us about the Maccabees - leaders of the revolt of the Jews against the Seleucid dynasty.



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