Space Gun 16 1.4.3 Apk

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Category: Music & Audio
Requires: Android 4.0.3 and up
Curent version: 1.4.3
Updated: 10.02.2017
Price: Free
Size: 1.62 Mb
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Description of Space Gun 16

The latest, tablet ready version of a simple but extremely useful sample mixer, player, looper and processor.

This is the initial release of a forthcoming suite of apps. It's a basic pad style looper that is both flexible and fun. It features a
- 9 sample slots controlled multiphonically by touch pads. These slots are multi mode, so they can be set up as appropriate to loop layers, or to play individual hits.
- multiple buses, each with their own effects ... currently only a delay is available, but more coming soon.
- multi assignable per-pad lfos and envelopes
- a range of filters, high, low and band in 3 different styles, and a formant filter.
- multi touch, multi assignable x-y touch control. Easy tweaking of loops and mix.
- single touch, multi assignable ribbon control. Can be configured as a cross fade, as a multi control.
- multi-assignable access to sensor parameters. Control and layer your loops physically!
- dynamic patch-snapshots and saving of multi-patch banks.

- full leopard print background. For some reason this makes it go faster.

*** I know you :D Quick help. And even the help text won't save you this time. It's (for a short while) out of date :O The selected pad is now marked with a bright and obvious red square. The "Sel" button will select a pad for editing, and that pad's details will be on any currently visible panel. Press this button and it will go yellow, then press a pad to select it.
Recording a loop is similar. Press the 'Rec' button and the sample pad of your choice, or press the 'Rec' button which will go yellow, and then press a pad to record into it. Recording will start straight away: press the 'stop' button to get back to normal play mode.***

*** And save the current patch before saving a bank. Or use, 'Save bank and state' ... the way the patch system works has changed for those of you using the current version. Much better workflow now. ***

I'll fix the help text, I promise.

I just had to release it now, it was so good to see it going on a bigger screen ;)

This release has been extensively tested on the SGII and Nexus 7. At this stage, it may be awkward to use on smaller handsets, but enough useful functionality is exposed to make it worth making it available.
I don't know how well it will fit on devices between the SGII and Nexus 7: input on that would be great .. some of those may end up being treated as equivalent to phones. If that happens for you, please let me know, and send screen shots: it's a simple fix.

There are quite a few obvious features that will be coming in the subsequent releases: pitch control, flac file input, pad sync, more effects, and OSC control.

The next releases will be coming very soon: we have the code prepared for the next level, and are releasing this as a teaser while we work on bringing in features without sacrificing sound quality or performance .. we want to test the overall form and framework before we optimize and before we add more parameters ... we want to explore every path to squeeze the maximal exquisite sound from a mobile device, and we want to give you a chance to input into the process.
The save file, in a text based xml format, has been designed to be future-proof ... so any work you do now will fit smoothly into the subsequent full-featured releases.

One other thing it doesn't have is the extraneous baggage of someone else's preset sample banks. It's here to help you give voice to your own creative inspirations.

At the moment, input is restricted to wav files, due in part to android's inability to expose the underlying decoding hardware. The next release should allow for aif, flac, and mp3

Privacey. This is a bit like spacey but more private. Actually we don't collect any information about you, but we do use the microphone for sound recordings, and the internet for OSC. Our generic privacy policy is at

This is the beginning ... more coming soon, so stay tuned!



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