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Type: Game
Category: Word
Requires: Android 2.1 and up
Curent version: 2.1
Updated: 12.04.2017
Price: Free
Size: 4.57 Mb
Download: 374

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Description of Literaxx

Literaxx is an exciting board game in which players use randomly drawn letter tiles to compose words into a crossword. The game was designed in Poland and its original name is Literaki ;-) (yes, the smiley is a part of the name!). Everyone who has played the popular Scrabble game, will quickly grasp Literaxx rules as they are quite similar. The main difference is in the scoring rules. Literaxx is a great way to kill some time with your friends, for example on a long journey or a boring lecture, but there are also some exciting tournaments organized, where the most advanced players compete.

App features:
• Offline gameplay with a few players on one device, or via WiFi (in local network) or Bluetooth connection. You can make any combination, for example with two devices connected via WiFi and two players on each device.
• Option to enter server host manually (this also lets you play via the Internet if you configure your router to forward incoming connections on port 2501 to your server device).
• Note: Internet matches are not available at the moment. We'll do our best to add this feature in a future version.
• Available languages: English and Polish. Let us know if you want to play in some other languages!
• Time limit can be set for a move and for a whole game. Time countdown is paused if the current player leaves the app, for example to answer a call.
• In a game of two players there's an optional verification phase, in which the opponent player can accept the used word or decide to check it in the dictionary.
• Optional "acceptable faults" can be set so that a player can make a certain number of mistakes without losing his turn.
• Up to 8 players can take part in a game.
• To shuffle your tiles and find inspirations for new words, just shake your device!

Abridged rules of Literaxx:
• The list of accepted words (for English it's TWL06) generally contains words of any part of speech, in any variation. They must be common words though, no proper names.
• All tiles must be placed in the same row or the same column and form a word with at least one tile that is already on the board (exception: the first word must go through the board's center). Additional words that form perpendicularly to the main word are also counted in the score.
• Points for a tile depend on its color: yellow - 1, green - 2, blue - 3, red - 5.
• For each tile placed on a board cell of the same color, its points are multiplied by 3.
• If a tile is placed on a bonus "x2" or "x3" cell, then its whole word score is multiplied by 2 or 3, respectively.
• A white tile can be used for any letter chosen by the player, but it's score is always zero. There are two white tiles in the game.
• The game contains 100 tiles overall. Each player always has 7 randomly drawn tiles at his disposal (until the are no more tiles to draw).
• A player who uses all 7 tiles in a single move receives additional 50 points.
• A player can decide to use his turn to select some of his tiles to return to the pool of unused tiles and randomly draw some other tiles (as long as there are more than 7 tiles in the unused pool) or pass and do nothing.
• The game ends when the pool of unused tiles runs out and one of the players plays her last tile. At the end of the game players receive negative points for tiles they are left with.
• The game can end exceptionally early if all players pass (or play invalid words) for two consecutive turns.



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