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Type: Game
Category: Educational
Requires: 4.0 and up
Curent version: 2.0.1
Updated: 24.08.2016
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Description of Jardim Notável

What is the "Remarkable Garden"?

Welcome to the Garden Remarkable, a Digital Teaching innovative project developed especially for students from kindergarten. Our mission? Arouse curiosity, the enchantment, the questioning and the construction of knowledge by children of preschool age.
The content covered in the Garden Remarkable project are based on the Curriculum Standards RCNEI (Reference National Curriculum for Early Childhood Education) and the National Curriculum Guidelines for Early Childhood Education and are studying and research experts on early childhood.

Information: http://www.mentesnotaveis.com.br

The experiences Fields
Based on the National Curriculum Guidelines for Early Childhood Education, the Curriculum Axes are structured experiences in fields, which are the experiences to be promoted in childhood education institutions.

The teaching situations planned for the Garden Remarkable seek to integrate the experiences fields in accordance with the ethical, political and aesthetic provided the Curriculum Guidelines, promoting significant learning and articulated with each other, promoting the development of affectivity, motor skills, autonomy, research, experimentation and socialization.


Playful, interactive and dynamic, and without forgetting its educational function, our animations present concrete situations, everyday and fun research, socializing, experimentation and reflection on various issues relevant to the infant universe.


    Kids love music! At lunch or hygiene, nursery rhymes are part of the routine childhood education, as well as rescue and value the Brazilian popular culture, stimulating the construction of a playful environment favorable to the development of oral language and socialization.


    I know that you can develop logical-mathematical reasoning, coordination and concentration kidding? That's why our games are rich in sensory stimuli, so important in this child's life stage. Studies show that the games favor the intellectual and cognitive development, and stimulate memory, attention and spatial orientation, among many other skills. Playing also learn!


    Experts recommend contact with the reading even before they learn to read. Our books stimulate contact with the reader behavior since the beginning of the development of children, in order to stimulate the fantasy, creativity, imagination, vocabulary expansion and the pleasure of reading.


    Besides being the virtual pet of the child, Pet has the role of facilitator of the link between Care and Educate, since the student will have the task of feeding, care, cleaning, and finally, be responsible for your pet virtual. Caring for Pet, the child dominates even more knowledge about the care of self and other, hygiene, food, routine, among others.


    Avatar is a tool to develop and expand an awareness that the child has of itself, exploring the possibilities of building his own image using the resources of a virtual environment. Value the uniqueness of each child is the first step in its development is full and happy.



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