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Description of Kitab Nahwu Shorof

Nahwu Shorof

NAHWU is the rules of Arabic to know the shape of the word and its conditions when it is still one word (Mufrod) or when it is composed (Murokkab). Included in this is the discussion of SHOROF. Because the Shorof Science is part of the Nahwu Science, which emphasizes the discussion of the form of words and their conditions when they are produced.

So in broad outline, Nahwu's discussion includes a discussion of the form of words and their condition when they have not been arranged (mufrod), such as the form of Isim Fa'il following the فاعل vow, Isim Tafdhil followed the vow of أفعل, along with conditions such as giving, giving, etc. Also discussing the state of the word when it was composed (murokkab) such as the rofa 'kalimah isim when it became fa'il, or memu'annatskan kalimah fi'il if it had previously shown the Mu’annats etc.

One word in Arabic is called Kalimah (الكَلِمَة) which is one lafadz which shows one meaning.

The sentence or arrangement of words in Arabic is called Murokkab (المُرَكَّب). If the sentence / arrangement of words has been perfect, or in the rules of nahwunya has given understanding with a law "The good rule is to stay quiet" then the perfect sentence is called Kalam (الكَلاَم) or called Amount (الجُمْلَة).

Kalimah-kalimah in Arabic, is summarized into three types:

1. Kalimah Fiil (الفِعْلُ) = Verb

2. Kalimah Isim (الإِسْمُ) = Noun

3. Kalimah Harf (الحَرْفُ) = Task Word.

Especially for Kalimah Fi'il, you can enter: قد, س, سوف, Amil Nashob ان and his brothers, Amil Jazm, Ta ’Fa’il, Ta’ Ta’nits Sakinah, Nun Taukid, Ya ’Mukhotobah.

Especially for Kalimah Isim, you can enter: Letter Jar, AL, Tanwin, Nida ', Mudhof, Musnad.

Especially for Kalimah Harf, apart from what is devoted to the Kalimah Fiil and Kalimah Isim.

According to the wazilah, as long as Kalimah consists of three letters, 1. Fa 'fi'il, 2. ‘Ain Fi'il, 3. Lam Fi'il (َفَعَل). If there is an additional origin, then added 4. Lam fi'il second (َفَعْلَل). If there are additional letters not origin. then added to the wording with the same additional letters, such as ٌمُسْلِم, there are additional letters in front of them, then follow the example of مُفْعِلٌ.

I hope this Islamic application is useful.

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