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Description of Бошкарув хисоби

Our farm is located in the Solid Valley of Uzbekistan. Thanks to the fact that our production complex is located next to our farm, our own milk is a good and pleasant taste.

An electronic herd management system has been introduced to better yield and manage our products. This automated system sends information about each animal and its status to the computer database.

Nutritional information, cow's health, and milk parameters will be accepted by experts in real time. In this way, it is ensured that the milk of the sick animal does not bind to the milk of healthy animals and the quality of the milk raw material is maintained.

All the cows in our farm belong to the highly productive golshtin-simental breed. With the latest cutting-edge technology, we produce dairy products. That is why we believe in the quality of life and the usefulness of our milk.

Milk quality and taste also depend on the nutritional ration of the cows. That is why we grow our own nutrients and create a useful menu for our cows. Outside the city, our cows are fed with selected food. That's why it is environmentally friendly and provides a very sweet taste.

Every cow has its own number with the built-in chip, and we also get information about the process of the milking process. Milk that has just been milked is always warm. The newly milked milk is passed from the milking department to the dairy store and the refrigerator, and then transferred to the production department through the special dairy industry.

Welcome to our production! Here we create milk, which is natural and useful, "ours".

All milk production processes are carried out on our farm. We guarantee high quality standards in all processes to ensure the quality, taste and benefit of our products. Using our high quality technology, we produce Milk for ourselves and in two minutes the milk is heated to 137 DEG C. for four seconds, and is immediately cooled to room temperature. Because of this, milk is free of bacteria and retains all useful properties. All milk processing processes are free of air and light. We use modern packaging to deliver taste and useful properties of milk. In our glossy cure, milk is kept purely and sterile for 6 months without any loss of properties.

 Given the fact that milk is produced for milking and breeding, it is only a few hours spent and milk is produced at the same time, given that it is immediately sold and bought. This is primarily achieved by providing well thought-out logistics and timely packed milk in very favorable temperatures.



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