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Ruqyah is al-'udzah (a protection or 'Azimah) which is used to protect people affected by the disease, such as heat stung animals, trance, and others.

Some Reasons Ruqyah Based Sahih Hadiths

Prophet Muhammad SAW concerned with himself when going to bed to read Surah Al-Ikhlas, Al-Falaq and An-Naas then he breathed on his palms, then rubbed into the whole body covered by her hands. (HR. Al-Bukhari)

Jabir Bin Abdullah r.a. said, "One of us was stung kalajenking. Then Jabir said," O Messenger of Allah am I allowed meruqyahkannya? So he said, "Whoever among you who could provide benefits to his brother, then do it." (HR. Muslim)

Aisha r.a. also said, "The Prophet ordered me that I'm ruqyah of influence 'ayn (eye envy)." (HR. Muslim)

From Abu Sa'id Al-Khudhri r.a., Gabriel came to the Prophet and said, "O Muhammad if you complain of pain?" He answered, "Yes!" Then Jibril (meruqyahnya), "Bismillahi arqika, kulli syai'in yu'dzika min, min syarri kulli nafsin au 'aini hasidin, Allahu yasyfika, Bismillahi arqika"
( "By Allah I meruqyahmu nam, of all the things that hurt you, and from the evil of every human soul or envious eye, may God heal you, the name of my God meruqyahmu") (HR. Muslim)

Aisha r.a. said, "Usually the Prophet when a man who complained of pain, he wiped the person with the right hand, then prayed," Hilangkanlah diseases O Rabb humans, heal because you are the giver of healing, there is no cure other than the healing of thy healing that has no leaves disease. "(HR. Muslim)

Uthman bin Abil 'Ash r.a. came to the Prophet complaining of pain in his body that he felt since converted to Islam, then
Prophet said, "Put your hand on the sore spot, and then read;" Bismillahi "(with the name of Allah) three times, and read;" A'uzu billahi qudrotihi min syarri ma wa wa ajidu uhadziru "(I seek refuge with Allah and with his qudrat of crime, I find, and I avoid) seven times. " (HR. Muslim)


Ruqyah be useful for non-medical diseases, among other things:
- Like it or easily possessed
- Like it or frequent nightmares
- Easy or frequent misgivings
- The soul is restless, often delusional mental disorder or
- Exposure to witchcraft and magic eraser
- Cordon house (repellent jinn and devils)
- Peace of household
- Children cried middle of the night
- Fastening of affection between the child / mother-father
- Bleeding for a long time for a woman (istihadah)
- Strengthens memory and rote learning.
- For personal and family health
- For patients with pain disorder jin
- To hysteria, and slow matchmaking
- Restoring your home / workplace is problematic
- Often has trouble lazy and the body feels heavy to be diligent and re-energized.

Application Features:
- Free ordinances concerned with
- Can play MP3 ruqyah sharia
- Offline application that does not require an internet connection



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