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Description of CCNA Tutorial

CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate) is a certification from Cisco, the world’s most famous company that manufactures and sells networking equipment. This certification helps you to become familiar with a wide range of topics. This app will help you easily learn CCNA and Practice any time.

CCNA Tutorial app collections of Categories are below and provide All Topic Like,
-> Networking Basics
What is a network?
OSI & TCP/IP models
Ethernet frame
MAC & IP addresses
Unicast, Multicast and Broadcast
Network devices
Half duplex and full Duplex
IEEE Ethernet standards
Cisco three-layer hierarchical model

-> Cabling
Types of Ethernet cabling
Types of Ethernet cables

-> Types of Networks
Wide area network

-> IP Addressing
Types of IP addresses
Classes of IP addresses

-> Network Tools

-> Network Protocols
TCP/IP suite of protocols
TCP explained

-> Cisco IOS
Cisco IOS overview
Power on a Cisco device
IOS command modes
Backing up IOS configuration

-> IP Routing
What is IP routing?
Routing protocols

-> RIP
RIP overview
Configuring RIPv2
RIP loop prevention

EIGRP overview
EIGRP configuration

OSPF overview
OSPF configuration

-> LAN Switching
Layer 2 switching
Collision & broadcast domain

What is a VLAN?
Configuring VLANs
Configuring access & trunk ports
Frame tagging
IEEE 802.1Q
Inter-Switch Link (ISL)
What is VTP?
VTP modes
VTP configuration

-> STP Spanning Tree Protocol
What is STP?
How STP works

What are ACLs?
Types of ACLs
Configuring standard ACLs
Configuring extende ACLs

-> NAT
What is NAT?
Static NAT
Dynamic NAT

-> IPV6
What is IPv6?
IPv6 address format
Types of IPv6 addresses
Differences between IPv4 and IPv6

-> Miscellaneous
Wildcard masks
Setting up Telnet
Setting up SSH
Port security

Network / VPN / Switcher / Ethernet / NIC card / Access Control List / Protocol / Consoles / Bus Network / Client-server / Firewall / intranet / ISDN / LAN / Node / Peer-to-peer / Router/ Star network / Token Ring / WAN / Packet / TCP/IP / Web server / Proxy server / Winsock / DNS / Database / Basic Networking / Ins and Outs of Networking / Switches / Routers / Cable Media / Network Topology / Computer Networking / Computer Network Definition / Computer Networking Essentials / Types of Internet Connections / Broadband / Wi-Fi / WiMAX / Peer-to-Peer Networks / CCNA, CISCO, CCNP, GNU/Linux / Kali Linux / Technology News / IPv6 /Network Security / Security / Servers / Switch Commands / Switches / Wireless / Troubleshooting Wireless Networks / Wireless LAN Implementation / WLAN Security
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