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Type: Game
Category: Adventure
Requires: Android 5.0 and up
Curent version: 1.0.1
Updated: 22.04.2020
Price: Free
Size: 29.74 Mb
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Description of Choudoku: Ripple Effect Stories

This is the ultimate otome game with avid fans all over Japan
Chou no Doku ~The Tragedy of the Nomiyas~ is finally available as a game app!

Your story takes place during the chaotic Taisho period.
A series of tragedies befalls your life since the day of your birthday party.
On your shoulders rests the cursed fate of the Nomiya family.

Every choice you make branches to a new, shocking conclusion.

The truth of the Nomiya family and the fate of you and the young man you love
will be revealed as you make your own decisions and shape your own destiny.


It’s the night of Yuriko’s birthday party.

The Nomiya household, descended from the royal Kuge bloodline, has fallen into poverty. But Yuriko’s father, Yasuyuki Nomiya, insists on throwing a lavish party for his beloved daughter.

When a group of anti-government thugs invades the manor, the lovely party turns into a mass of screams and terror. Yasuyuki is killed during the chaos, his murderer unkown.

Yuriko may have been born into a noble family, but is she destined for a life of tragedy?

□■Game System■□

◇The base game is free to play!
Everyday you'll receive 5 scenario tickets for free.

◇The decisions you make in each scenario will shape the destiny of you and your lover.
All possible outcomes will be mapped on the "Ripple Chart."
Follow your heart and your decisions will guide you to a stunning conclusion.

Try unlocking every possible path and carve out a destiny for you and the man you love.

◇Enjoy new stories, exclusive scenarios and beautiful illustrations♪
As you progress the story,
you can collect new stories, scenarios, and beautiful illustrations exclusive to this app.

□■ Character Introduction ■□

◇Yuriko Nomiya (her name can be changed)

A clever young woman.
She might be an aristocratic princess, but she is determined to learn more about the world as she isn't blind to the danger looming over her family.
She is curious and decisive.

◇Junichi Shiba

A 28-year-old wealthy merchant and a nouveau riche.
For some unknown reason, he is obsessed with the protagonist and uses his wealth as a pretense to ask her to marry him.
A pompous man with an attitude, he is an eccentric who is comfortable in his own skin.

◇Mizuhito Nomiya

The protagonist's older brother. He is 22 years old.
As the viscount's eldest son, he is the head of their flower arrangement school. He has an aloof and pessimistic personality.
He is also a libertine who adores painting as much as he does women, but he treats his little sister like she is a precious gem.

◇Hideki Majima

A servant of the Nomiya family. He is 25 years old.
Although his status is that of a servant, he is actually Yuriko's first love.
He is a young man who loves plants and has a friendly and calm personality.

◇Hideo Ozaki

The first son of a baron family and a sublieutenant of the army. He is 24 years old.
He might be the protagonist's childhood friend, but he is very cold toward her.
He is a clean freak with a serious and steadfast personality.
His ability as a military man is unquestionable.

◇Hitoshi Fujita

The butler of the Nomiya family. He is 37 years old and half British.
He has been working for the Nomiya family ever since the protagonist was a child.
He is an honest man, but it's difficult to tell what he is thinking through his stoic face.

■□ Reccomended Players ■□

For people who love:

・Japanese otome games
・Long, in depth stories
・Games that appeal to women
・Attractive men
・Traditional Japanese clothing
・Stories centered on romance
・Mystery and suspense stories

■□ Basic Information ■□

Category/Genre: Romance ADV/Escape romance otome game
Price: Free to play (basic gameplay) / in-game item purchases
Scenario by: Maruki Ayaka
Illustrations by: Tenno Chigiri

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