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Category: Business
Requires: Android 4.1 and up
Curent version: 1.3
Updated: 16.03.2020
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Description of Успех жизни

Everyone was born to be happy and successful, but not everyone knows how to achieve this. This application will open the curtain on issues that can turn your life around, make it brighter and more productive, achieve your goals and find “What is happiness”. Life has its secrets. These secrets determine our quality of life, happiness and success.
On the pages of this application you will find advice from world famous people who have made their dreams come true. As well as key answers to questions in such areas as: Self-development, Success, Productivity, Time Management, Business, Relationship, and many other useful techniques and practices in various areas of our lives.
A large collection of tips and ideas on managing your life, achieving success.

Applications consists of the following categories;
What is IKIGAI and how to find it,
How to live easily? Learning to be easier
Twenty-two daily activities that improve our lives,
The thirty principles of wise life,
How to find your own business ?,
Simple secrets of motivation, performance and success,
Bill Gates's eleven tips for young people
The difference between rich and poor
Two proven paths to success: which one to choose ?,
Why is it important not to talk in advance about planned matters,
Tips for achieving the goal
The Seven Commandments of Success from Warren Buffett,
How to work effectively. 5 tips from great people,
Twelve things that successful people manage to do before lunch,
How a “half an hour theory” can change your life,
Great tips for self-development,
Ten secrets of wealth that are not written in books
20 things that I didn’t know in 20 years,
The main qualities to achieve financial freedom,
10 rules of a successful person from world psychologists,
Ten reasons for daily recordings
Why do we have to rethink an 8-hour work day,
How to be productive ?,
A damn dozen good habits
Self-motivation or how to motivate yourself,
How to bring things to the end ?,
How do leaders think ?,
20 main rules of life that will shorten your path to success,
How to do everything: 5 steps,
12 WAYS to get whatever you want,
How to organize and build a working day,
Seven rules of a strong man,
How to become a lark, and why you need it,
Rules of persuasive speech,
Eight secrets to successful you
Tips from Brian Tracy on how to get things done,
Millionaire Robert Fletcher on money and books,
John Davison Rockefeller about money,
Mahatma Gandhi: 10 tips for changing the world,
Ten simple rules that will help you properly distribute your money,
Nine qualities that will turn your career around
What to do if everything is tired ?,
How to answer CONVENIENT questions? Psychological examples and speech techniques,
Ten tips from Einstein,
What I’d like to know at 18
Simple time planning rules
Twenty-six valuable tips
Financial survival tips
The impossible is possible !,
How to move from words to actions ?,
Thinking a successful person,
The principles of self-love,
Ten ways to work hard without losing creativity
How to increase your intelligence ?,
The postulates of the winners,
To you from Mark Twain
Ten mistakes in life
Exercises for training willpower,
Golden rules of life
How to make it always lucky ?,
Tips that will change everything!
Parkinson's Law: Reduce Your Deadlines,
The lessons of success that nature teaches us
Twenty-nine ways to cheer up without coffee and energy,
Twenty-five of the most useful tips for success,
Improve every day !,
Habits that kill luck
Personal rules of business success and much more;

The most important application does not require an internet connection;
You can easily copy text, share with friends or save to favorites;

Thank you for using our app. We wish you success
Give us 5 stars and it motivates us;



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