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Description of الرقية الشرعية المكتوبة

Praise be to Allah and peace and blessings be upon His prophets and messengers Muhammad and his family and him, and then after a while ,,,
I think my lovers that the urgent need to know all of us how to upgrade and go seek refuge himself and his family and kin, as the origin of roquia is this course, we will try as much as possible to shorten it in order to cherish all of God Almighty and we do it without the need for one, except in special cases, before that, we should know several points which are as follows:
1) - roquia legitimate reasons for treatment, hospitalization and healing from God Almighty
2) - does not have one of Creation hurt nor useful, and therefore must resort to God Almighty without other creatures
3) - it may not be blessed with absolutely no water or oil and water of Zamzam and so of other things, but also be beneficial to use as a result of a direct effect of sophistication to water or oil or the patient's organ, as is apparent from the do - peace be upon him - and he did his companions - God bless them
4) - that roquia not Tkdh in trust in God Almighty
After this quick introduction to be the processor of attention points to be followed in human kite for himself and his family and kin, which are as follows:
First :-
 A) - full belief in God Almighty and hung him
B) - careful to follow the correct methods of paper legitimacy
C) - being careful to avoid committing sins
D) - Go to scientists and science students, in matters relating to the problem ruqyah
E) - Beware of using the sophistication that does not know its origin from the Quran and Sunnah
F) - beware of using herbs vehicle and the like
G) - Patience and endurance
H) - sit in Allah from Satan, and by following the aids that
 Second, start by speaking praise and supplication the names and attributes of God
 Third: The cable itself begins with a quote from the book of God Almighty with a focus on fixed verses Spell in the Sunnah, Calfathh and early Sura and verse the chair, and the late Sura, and the first two soorahs Imran, sincerity and unbelievers and Almaoztin



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