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Requires: Android 4.1 and up
Curent version: 2.4
Updated: 08.11.2019
Price: Free
Size: 4.2 Mb
Download: 76

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Description of Water App (Reminder & Tracker)

Adequate amount of water is required for good health, glowing skin & weight loss. Most of us do not drink enough quantity of water daily. Water App (Reminder & Tracker) will help you to drink water adequately and regularly.

Your daily adequate water intake is computed with reference to the scientific opinion given through a study by European Food Safety Authority (EFSA). You just have to simply feed your gender and age in Water App (Reminder & Tracker) and you get your daily adequate water intake. Of course you can very easily change your water intake quantity anytime based on your physical activity, environmental conditions, diet, health & medication and range of other factors.

Water App (Reminder & Tracker) features:

1. Record your water intake in a very easy and simplified manner in the app. Shows animations. You will love it!

2. Gives you reminders to drink water as and when you want. App will suggest start and stop time and interval for reminders but you can change it very easily as per your need.

3. Calculates and displays the amount of water you need to drink more in a day - both in quantity and number of glasses (or bottles – based on whatever you choose).

4. Record your water intake using the container of your choice. Application will suggest some default containers (Bottle, glass or sipper) but you can change it to the one that you normally use.

5. Graphical insight into your water drinking pattern with daily, weekly and monthly statistics

6. Choose unit of measurement - Metric (ml), US Oz and Imperial Oz

7. We have some light reminder sounds. Choose the reminder sound and you may turn it off also whenever you need to.

Supported in 16 languages:
Arabic, Chinese, English, French, German, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Malay, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Turkish, and Vietnamese.

We hope you will like Water App (Reminder & Tracker).

Happy water drinking!



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Water App (Reminder & Tracker) 2.4 screenshot 2594698
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