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Description of Japanese Grammar (日本文法)

This guide was created as a resource for those who want to learn Japanese grammar in a rational, intuitive way that makes sense in Japanese. The explanations are focused on how to make sense of the grammar not from English but from a Japanese point of view.

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The Writing System
Basic Grammar
Expressing State-of-Being
Introduction to Particles (は、も、が)
「は、も、が」 Particle Exercises
Adjective Practice Exercises
Verb Basics
Verb Practice Exercises
Negative Verbs
Negative Verb Practice Exercises
Past Tense
Past Verb Practice Exercises
Particles used with verbs (を、に、へ、で)
Transitive and Intransitive Verbs
Descriptive Relative Clauses and Sentence Order
Noun-related Particles (と、や、とか、の)
Adverbs and Sentence-ending particles
Essential Grammar
Polite Form and Verb Stems (~です、~ます)
Addressing People
The Question Marker (か)
Compound Sentences (て-form、から、ので、のに、が、けど、し、~たりする)
Other uses of the te-form (~ている、~てある、~ておく、~ていく、~てくる)
Potential Form
Using する and なる with the に particle (~[よう]になる/する)
Conditionals (と、なら、ば、たら)
Expressing 'must' or 'have to' (~だめ、~いけない、~ならない、~ても)
Desire and Suggestions (たい、欲しい、volitional、~たらどう)
Performing an action on a relative clause (と、って)
Defining and Describing (という)
Trying something out or attempting to do something (~てみる、volitional+とする)
Giving and Receiving (あげる、やる、くれる、もらう)
Making requests (~ください、~ちょうだい、~なさい、command form)
Numbers and Counting
Casual Patterns and Slang
Review and more sentence-ending particles
Special Expressions
Causative and Passive Verbs
Honorific and Humble Forms
Things that happen unintentionally (~てしまう、~ちゃう/~じゃう)
Special expressions with generic nouns (こと、ところ、もの)
Expressing various levels of certainty (かもしれない、でしょう、だろう)
Expressing amounts (だけ、のみ、しか、ばかり、すぎる、Amount+も、ほど、さ)
Various ways to express similarity and hearsay (よう、~みたい、~そう、~そうだ、~らしい、~っぽい)
Using 方 and よる for comparisons and other functions (より、の方、stem+方、によって、によると)
Saying something is easy or difficult to do (~やすい、~にくい)
More negative verbs (ないで、ず、~ん、ぬ)
Hypothesizing and Concluding (わけ、~とする)
Expressing time-specific actions (ばかり、とたんに、ながら、まくる)
Leaving something the way it is (まま、っぱなし)
Advanced Topics
Formal Expressions (である、ではない)
Things that should be a certain way (はず、べき、べく、べからず)
Expressing the minimum expectation (でさえ、ですら、おろか)
Showing signs of something (~がる、ばかり、~めく)
Formal expressions of non-feasibility (~ざるを得ない、やむを得ない、~かねる)
Tendencies (~がち、~つつ、きらいがある)
Advanced Volitional (まい、であろう、かろう)
Covered by something (だらけ、まみれ、ずくめ)
Advanced proximity of actions (が早いか、や否や、そばから)
Other Grammar

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