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Type: Game
Category: Educational
Requires: Android 2.3.3 and up
Curent version: 5.2
Updated: 11.02.2016
Price: Free
Size: 23.06 Mb
Download: 398

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Description of Alchemy-나만의 실험실

Did you stand is well send !? Best wishes for a Happy New Year!!

Friday 12/02/16 from this time and will be updated!

The iPhone version has been released seupnidang + _ +!

** 2015.10.29. update **
The Act was not only an additional 20.
The important thing, eh suddenly sorry to quickly finalize the update ㅠ
Please send me lots and lots tip! When buteoinga combinations ... little by little
A + B, C, and A to B to make the C group than to know the A + B seems to be the C ..
C Act are difficult to infer much deogunyo five ㅠㅠ
A merges with the B! Per request of the tip deuripni! Heh

** !! ** Update 09/25/2015
This Thanksgiving I'm back !! Thanksgiving to commemorate the event handapnida progress!

Create a Thanksgiving-related applications within nine kinds of image by taking a screenshot

Put your photos to post comments on the Facebook page, please draw through

Please culture vouchers + _ + !! Please participate a lot!

** Update ** 18/09/2015
Act has been added + _ +!

** Updated 09.04.2015 **
Time Attack bug fix
Add the Act!

** Update ** 08/14/2015
Additional Act! Add 61 dogs overhear!

** Update ** 07/08/2015
Act has been added. Total of 62 additional overhear this Act.
Various bug fixes.
It still lacks the ability to lengthen Sorry seems ㅠㅠ itneyo not add a versus mode!
Avoid Act there is a knife blade has been modified to + people.

24/07/2015 ** Update **
Act has been added.
Various bug fixes.
I'm currently busy working on trying to add as many features which ㅠㅠ!

** Update ** 07/17/2015
Act has been added!
Various bug fixes.

** Update ** 07/10/2015
Act has been added!
Various bug fixes.
The reset button has been added to data in the Settings button.
When clicking on the opened secret misyeonbuk Act was modified seupnidang!

2015.07.03 ** Update **
Act has been added!
Various bug fix is ​​being figured. It will still modify ㅠㅠ
Application re-installation has been modified so deleted data remains. Later linked Google account login
Sseup it will do so as to apply nidang!

2015.06.26 ** Update **
Act has been added! Add overhear a total of 94 dogs!
Various bug fix is ​​being figured. It will still modify ㅠㅠ
Get the hint function has been added. But you should see video ads to end itdapnida can get!
Saguaro'm trying hard to catch errors as much as possible the red plane and the black screen ㅠㅠ

** Update ** 06/19/2015
Act has been added.
It is editing a variety of bugs ㅠㅠ
The name of the item view on / off function has been added.
The text on the main screen have been added to collect all the combinations north.
--- Act were too many things I saw coming out of the secret recipe Recipe general must work together ... I'm sorry --- ㅠㅠ
Veterinarians and need a physician, South Korea itdapnida must make the kimchi. I'm so sorry ㅠㅠ

** Update ** 06/14/2015
Last update stacked cut your hair while squeezing hard during the week ㅠㅠ ㅠ
This review response that went well motdal late updates are busy, please understand it enough time ㅠ
Once doendeut Act 108 dogs updates. The amendment also supposed secret recipe 29 I think.
- The functional additions
1. We have a new secret recipe is a separate page.
2. The hint function has been added.
3. Some of the images have been changed.
4. doeeoteoyo able to get a hint to attend! As itdapnida can get a hint wakes up the recipe page!
5. lunar eclipses, please answer the hint to break 10 000 comes in one thing the two cases should not eclipse ㅠㅠ the next update
   Additionally, we'll answer one more question ... I'm so sorry haeyong ㅠㅠㅠ

** Update ** 09/06/2015
Act has been added! Secret recipe andoeyo only 8 ㅠㅠ the Act from this time in bulk weekend
This update is scheduled to come too .. mail ..
- This part was updated.
  - You see a second way was north to union shortcuts possible by prior methods.
- It has various bug fixes.
- The red letters hatched disappeared (the error in this part brought one exception).
- There was a charcoal image editing and overlapping ones.

PS. The current review, comments and mail check, working with images, codes for the update process, a situation that must be corrected all the errors, test,
The lack of time to cut still not a hint .. mail does doejin missing. Do not worry just a little time
Getneyo I owe a word that caught ... trying to ㅠㅠ kicks himself somehow seems to require a lot of time.
Hints part is updated by all means and we will come up. I'm so sorry that that little delay ㅠㅠ
I'll just do my best rewarded with great features + _ +

** Add ** Notice
The update that is planned for the weekend'm seemed to take a little time yesterday ㅠㅠ what is not a lot of time in the allocation
Sorry ㅠㅠ not cut. I think next week will be an update on progress on weekdays ㅠㅠ Sorry for the delay ㅠ

** Update ** 05/06/2015
Book well in combination with horizontal scroll andoesineun minutes, please proceed to change the mode in the settings!
If the image is much slower because of Lek phone number it has been corrected by the second viewing mode, four spaces in ㅠㅠ
Saguaro more convenient way of studying the ㅠㅠ .... (I'll try to be back later changed to five spaces ㅠㅠ)
Act 60 is the secret recipe 19 have been added.
Icebreaker Act is changed doeeotdapnida able to re-create the Titanic !! (Sorry ㅠㅠ)

Is scheduled to update once more at the weekend, five spaces are not even a little more comfortable and better parts should not have horizontal scroll
Saguaro will be corrected by the update function. Act will be updated next week on weekdays only modify part features ...!
And it is hinting's a planned update to the weekend, as shown in the screenshot. Haenwatneunde design.
The ability to touch part of it too manneyo ㅠㅠ

It also holds the whole day ... to ongoing improvements in Saguaro ideas and modify all !!
Hold the possible errors, I'll try to be a good catch more apps! Giving people cheer up to + _ +!

Mail will be very slow too much .. mail updates come only idea seemed already exceeds 1,000

The sludge will be added ..'m mostly sent minutes before slowly ... Do not take it too hard ㅠㅠ

PS. Shares paenbun syeotneyo create your own lab Naver cafe! + _ + Oh, I heard often laid
Do not know too stuffy to join minutes seems acceptable fine!

We will strive to improve it as much as possible a better game ㅠㅠ

What made things would come sokeseoneun your imagination?

When the rain naerilkka sky and water together?
When this happens the person and the total combined military?

Now try the experiment yourself

Your imagination becomes reality



Alchemy-나만의 실험실 5.2 screenshot 401535
Alchemy-나만의 실험실 5.2 screenshot 401536
Alchemy-나만의 실험실 5.2 screenshot 401537
Alchemy-나만의 실험실 5.2 screenshot 401538
Alchemy-나만의 실험실 5.2 screenshot 401539

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