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Updated: 05.10.2015
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Description of SureFire Alarm Clock

SureFire Alarm Clock Free + Widget - PACKED with features such as game and math wake challenges, music player with sleep timer, a great library of built-in alarm tones and ambient sounds, or use your own MP3 music. SureFire is also the only alarm clock with the Wake Assure System - keep reading for more on this finely tuned alarm clock and widget with its beautiful design!

.... Five cheat-proof wake challenges (games or math) to prove you are alert, including a unique test for reflexes, and even a physical test!

.... Limits on snoozes

.... Unobtrusive warnings of use of un-safe settings such as low alarm volume, use of tones on SD-card, too many snoozes allowed, and 9 others

.... Bug-free and stable system honed by advanced error-logging and unprecedented beta-testing

.... If a tone will not play due to corrupted files or SD card, a loud alarm is played as backup - as opposed to most other alarms which would play nothing at all!

.... Coded using redundant systems for triggering alarm, reducing the chance of system failure

.... Optional task bar icon shows that SureFire Alarm Clock is running and has not been killed by task-killers

.... Simple interface designed to avoid confusion

Other unique features include:

.... Awesome built-in library of 15 unique alarm tones and 15 soothing ambient tones, or use your own music

.... Four alarm types includes Quick Alarm to set alarm for naps and such in only three clicks

.... Quick Alarm is perfect to use as an oven timer

.... Sleep Music fades music out slowly after a set time - set with only two clicks! Quicker than turning on a radio!

.... Options for snooze limits and progressively shorter snooze times

.... Pre-alarm - play from built-in library of ambient sounds, or music from SD card, with many options including slow fade-in, and playing pre-alarm between snoozes. Makes your wake gentle (if you want it!)

.... Multiple vibrate pulses

.... Optional alarm time limits, so an alarm that rings while your device is in your car won't kill your battery!

.... Cheat-proof wake challenges each have five difficulty and three length settings

.... Wake challenges include:

........ Addition (cheat-proof, unlike some other alarm clocks)

........ Equation (for math wizzes)

........ The time-tested "memory" challenge

........ A reflex testing challenge for a true measure of alertness

........ A shake-to-wake challenge that can give you a real work-out on the highest difficult settings! Works with a shake or a flip

.... Music from SD card can be chosen by Artist, Album, Genre, or Playlist

You use an alarm clock every day, use one you can live with!

Permissions Explained:

.... Internet access - for reporting bugs

.... Prevent phone from sleeping - to keep alarm playing as long as is required to wake you up

.... Market license check - uses newer Android method to check that app is legitimate

.... Control vibrator - for optional vibration during alarm

.... Automatically start at boot - optionally starts automatically at boot

.... Read external storage - required to use playlists from SD card for music

Available with purchase of SureFire Plus: three more great visual themes for the alarm clock and widget, 12 more alarm tones, three more ambient tones, internet radio stations, and up to 12 alarms instead of 8.



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