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Category: Social
Requires: Android 4.1 and up
Curent version: 2.4.7
Updated: 23.03.2016
Price: Free
Size: 18.27 Mb
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Description of Family Locator - GeoZilla

GeoZilla is a battery-friendly GPS tracker that allows you to know the exact position of your family and friends and receive notifications when they arrive at certain areas.

GeoZilla family locator provides:
- A battery-friendly location tracking algorithm to save you battery time.
- Location alerts (geofencing) to let you know when a friend or family member leaves or arrives at home, school or work.
- User-friendly location history to keep you informed of each other's day.
- A private chat to share images and video and keep you emotionally connected with one another.
- Location updates from Swarm and Facebook to keep you informed of each other’s social whereabouts.

Enjoy a seamless cross-platform communication, as you share your locations between Android and non-Android devices.

Smart Location History
- Access location history of any member of your circle on a daily basis.
- Force your device to refresh the location manually, or simply wait for an update as your friend or family member moves around.
- Store your locations when the network is beyond reach and push them to GeoZilla’s server when you're back online.
- Send a notification request for a location update if the other person goes offline. They will receive the notification when back online to ping you back.
- Leave Check-ins and comments to let your family and friends know you are safe and what you are up to.
- Locate your phone if you lose it.

Battery-friendly GPS tracking
- GeoZilla family locator is NOT continuously updating your location in the background. It uses a Significant Location Change (SCL) mode. GeoZilla locator is battery-friendly in a way that it is suspended in the background most of the time and is woken up only when you move significantly.
- In the SLC mode, the location is detected by the system using cell tower signals. Most of the time the GPS sleeps to extend your battery life.
- The location is force-updated by tapping the refresh button in the app. The platform will silently ask your friend's device for a location update.

Location-Based Errands
- Assign location-based tasks to your family members or yourself
- Manage your shopping list together
- Get a reminder when you approach the area

Finally, we let you know if your family member’s battery is running low.

Even though you can get the complete functionality of a GPS family locator with a free version, our subscription can offer you even more of the good stuff!

Premium subscription covers:
- Unlimited number of family members to track (up to three available in the free version).
- Unlimited number of location alerts (up to two available in the free version).
- Complete location history for the entire time and for each member.

Download GeoZilla - the perfect way to stay connected to family and friends!



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