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Category: Lifestyle
Requires: Android 2.3 and up
Curent version: 1.9.4
Updated: 11.08.2015
Price: Free
Size: 6.49 Mb
Download: 786

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Description of Event Countdown Widget

Don't forget the important dates of your life!
Organize your days till Christmas, your Mom's birthday, Thanksgiving, Easter, St. Patrick's day, vacation, your anniversary or any events that you don't want to forget. Never miss an important day again!
★ (This is the FREE LIGHT version!) ★

This is a countdown widget for your home screen to remind you of the meaningful dates in your life.
It shows the number of weeks/days/hours/mins left to (or after from) a specified date. You can add several countdown widgets to your home screen and you can easily customize them at the creation or later by tapping on them. You can export and import widget datas too.
You must set a title and a date. After these you can set optionally:
- set time
- set counter and title backcolor and forecolor
- choose an icon (from the available ~140 nice pictures)
- background transparency (0,80,100%)
- choose from six counting modes:
-- day (counts in days only, use event date only the time doesn't matter, default is 00:00)
-- hour (counts in hours only, use event date + event hour only)
-- automatic (defult in days only mode -> switch to hours only mode in the last day -> finally shows minutes only in the last hour, use event date + time too.)
-- D-H-M (counts in days, hours and mins all at once, but it only works with 3x1 widget size!)
-- week
-- W-D (counts in week and days)
- set a reminder
- set repeating (in days only)

There are three widget size:
- 1x1 size shows ONLY the days, hours or mins by right of choosed counting mode.
- 2x1 and 3x1 size shows the same like 1x1 but has bigger fonts and picture.
- With 3x1 size you can choose D-H-M counting mode and it will shows days, hours and mins all at once.
You can resize the widgets if you have Android 4.1 version or above. When you resize its layout has change.
(watch the instruction video to see how to!)

Available languages: Hungarian, English / German (Inkey Uno), Italian (Nicola Ventricelli), Czech / Slovak (Marek Bednář), Romanian (Claudiu Condurache), Russian (Ekaterina Kuritcina), French (Jean-Marie Bauwens), Portuguese (Tati Lima), Turkish (Tuğba Özer), Dutch (Naomi Kruijsbergen), Arabic (Samer Al Kaabi), Chinese CN/TW/HK (Spitta Aspeaciare), Spanish (Nicholas Gelio), Polish (Arkadiusz Pietrzak), Norwegian (Ingeborg Kjellberg), Croatian/Bosnian/Serbian (Eduard Vrhovec)

- event loading from Google Calendar
- no widget export restriction
- 100 new vibrant color
- invidual sound for reminder
- Ad free

This is ONLY A WIDGET not a main application! Widgets are little applications which can be placed on the homescreen or the lockscreen, of your Android device. Adding widget to your Home screen is easy:
1a. On your Home screen press the menu key and select Add or alternatively tap any blank/empty area and hold down your finger. In the popup menu choose Widgets.
1b. or Go to your All Apps and select the Widgets tab.
2. Find and select the Event Countdown Widget to add your screen.

- If you can't find it in the widget list you can try to reinstall and restart your phone too! Or: Some phones install apps to the Phone Storage (or SD card) instead of the Internal Storage. You have to move it to Internal Storage in the apps manager and the widget list will show it!
- If you use any task killer or mem cleaner app, it kills the counter!
- If the layout doesn't change when you resize OR YOU CAN'T RESIZE with android version 4.0 or below it's an Android fault. Only 4.1 or above version support widget resize!
- If you don't know what is widget and can't add it to your homescreen!! It's not a fault! Please see the examp video and read the How to Use description!
- If you have any other problems or ideas please send an E-mail instead of downrating!




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