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Requires: Android 2.3 and up
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Updated: 04.04.2016
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Description of Last 20 Surahs of Quran

Last 20 Surahs of Quran is an Islamic App that entails the beneficial narrations from the final twenty divine Surahs. The Sacred Surahs are merged in a frame that encapsulates translation along transliteration making it an easy-to-have feature for all the Muslims around the globe to attain the level of wisdom by contemplating their meanings and teachings.

The 20 Surahs included in this app are:
• At-Tin
• Al-`Alaq
• Al-Qadr
• Al-Bayyinah
• Az-Zalzalah
• Al-`Adiyat
• Al-Qari`ah
• At-Takathur
• Al-Asr
• Al-Humazah
• Al-Fil
• Quraysh
• Al-Ma`un
• Al-Kawthar
• Al-Kafirun
• An-Nasr
• Al-Masad
• Al-'Ikhlas
• Al-Falaq
• An-Nas

Moreover, the rest of the features include:
• The recitation imparts soothing effect on the soul of a person hence the audio versions of the Surahs are in the effective voices of Abdul Rahman Al Sudais and Mishary Al Afsay.
• Transliteration option is included in the App for easy learning of Quranic Surahs.
• New setting of Notifications has incorporated for the daily reminder to learn and read aforementioned Surahs.
• Customized settings to change font, style of verses, and themes for the easy access and fine visibility of the users.
• Sharing option for the Surahs as well verse of specific Ayah on the social media in order to enlighten others as sharing Surahs has comprehended as Sunnah in Islam.
• New feature of Ayah Book mark has included for user’s convenience along Surah Meta data that will tell the user whether the Surah is Makki or Madani.
Among the Muslims, the noble one is who learn Quran and teaches it to other. Such Apps are easy tools to memorize Quran especially for kids that help in easy learning within available time frame.



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