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Updated: 11.01.2022
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Description of LOCARI(ロカリ) - オトナ女子向けライフスタイル情報アプリ

A chance for me tomorrow. My media "LOCARI" for adult girls who can fulfill their "selfishness" \ Thanks to you, we have exceeded 9 million downloads! Thank you for your support / ■ What is LOCARI ■ ・ We will deliver free daily lifestyle information for women such as fashion, hairstyles, recipes, beauty, love / marriage, 100 averages, savings / money, interiors, travel outings, etc. ・ Full of original articles that can only be read by LOCARI and articles recommended by the editorial department. You can enjoy original articles unique to LOCARI, such as the latest outfits learned from Instagrammers, simple fashionable recipes made by cooking researchers, storage techniques taught by professionals, training that can be done at home supervised by personal trainers, interviews with popular talents, questionnaires of LOCARI readers, etc. .. ■ Features of LOCARI & how to enjoy it ■ ・ There are always more than 10 categories, and the latest information is packed in abundant categories that change depending on the season. ・ Deliver recommended articles 3 times a day every day! Read all the latest 3,000 articles a month for free ・ Articles you care about can be stocked with the favorite function For articles that you want to look back on later, such as "Weekday Easy Dinner Recipe" and "Clean Storage Ideas"! ・ Free word search function Search for brand names such as "Shimamura" and "UNIQLO" and item names such as "Wanpi" and "Chunky Heel". You can also see popular keywords in real time, so you can check trends ◎ ・ Check your fortune every morning! Getters Iida's 365-day fortune-telling will be delivered free of charge every day. ■ Abundant article categories ■ □ Fashion: Information on fashion outfits and trend items of popular petit plastic brands "Fashionable nomination purchase! UNIQLO, GU, ZARA, fifth, Shimamura ... Petit plastic brand latest item" □ Hairstyles: Introducing seasonal hair arrangements and the latest arrangements by hairstyle "Easy 5 minute arrangement in the morning" "Latest hair catalog by Bob, Short, Medium and Long" □ Recipes: Weekly recipe ideas and 5 minute time-saving recipes that don't bother you with menus and shopping "Menu for saving for one week" "Recipe for making on weekdays" "Complete volume side dish in 10 minutes" □ Beauty / Beauty: Easy exercises that you can do at home and excellent petit plastic cosmetics information "Help cosmetics to buy at drug stores" "Adult-like painted nails" "Trend eyebrow tech" □ Love / Marriage: Anxious love, marriage worries, popular techniques, etc. "Gifts that men will love" "Four things to check before marriage" "Long-lasting routine for couples" □ 100yen: Introducing information on popular 100 items such as ceria, Daiso, and Can Do. "Super usable 100 average storage goods" "Valuable convenient goods" "100 average interior fashionable utilization technique" □ Lifestyle: Useful Savings / Savings and Techniques to Make Housework Easier "Lightweight and unbranded household chores" "The strongest goods to buy at Rakuten Super Sale" □ Interior: There are plenty of cleaning, storage, and tidying methods to keep your home clean. "Only Yamazaki business won! Convenient kitchen goods" "Fashionable and convenient storage goods for Nitori" □ Travel / Outing: Recommended travel spots and trendy spots "Lady Girls' Power Spot" "Tourism Fun ♡ Stupid Selling Local Gourmet" □ Interview: Special interview with entertainers who are active in movies and dramas "Miliyah Kato 15th Anniversary Exclusive Interview" "Daisuke Takahashi" "Haruma Miura" □ Special feature: Special feature on items and spots that the LOCARI editorial department is paying attention to from a unique perspective "Best cosmetics selected by LOCARI users" "Simple and elegant everyday jewelry" □ There are many other categories such as "Savings / Money", "Sustainable", "Cleaning up", "Gourmet", "Parenting", "Fortune-telling", and "Entertainment"! ■ Recommended for people like this ■ ・ I want practical information that can be used immediately ・ I want to enrich my daily life with ideas that I can easily try ・ I want to get various information during the gap time ・ I want to wear petit plastic fashion items well ・ I want to know trendy fashion items ・ I'm having trouble with daily fashion coordination ・ I want to know fashion items that can be used habitually for a long time ・ I'm worried about daily recipes ・ I want to know saving & time saving recipes ・ I want to know the recipes for pre-made and regular vegetables ・ I'm worried about side dishes for lunch ・ I want to take in 100 items well ・ I want to know the latest 100 items ・ I want to make my daily chores easier ・ I want to improve girls' power with trendy makeup and hairstyles ・ I want to make a simple and fashionable hair arrangement ・ I want to see a video of hair arrangement ideas ・ I want to know useful information for dieting ・ I want to check the latest cosmetics and cosmetics ・ I'm not very confident in my makeup ・ I want inspiration for my own interior ・ I want an idea that will give me a hint of my life ■ Official page ■ □ WEB: https://locari.jp/ □ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/locarijp/ □ Instagram: https://instagram.com/locari_jp/ □ Twitter: https://twitter.com/locari_jp □ Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/locarijp/ □ YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCi1RGyi1I_j6bIgYBzQQV7w ■ Contact information ■ If you have any requests, questions, or problems, please feel free to contact us at the address below. We will operate better services based on your opinions. [email protected]



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