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Category: Lifestyle
Requires: Android 2.2 and up
Curent version: 3.0.3
Updated: 08.06.2014
Price: Free
Size: 3.33 Mb
Download: 396

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Description of Remember Day(디데이 위젯)

** Frequently Asked Questions **
[To set the widget]
   1 On the Home screen, press Menu key -> Add -> Widgets button.
   2 from the list of widgets RememberDay_1x1, 2x1, 3x1, choose one of the three kinds of size.
   3 Press the D-day, and then register to enter information on the home screen widget is created.

  * Widget background photo widget settings to take advantage of you can create a beautiful ^ ^

RememberDay lives - a special day to remember the day you want to remember me, and that helps you easily manage applications. 1x1, 2x1, 3x1 size widget provides a widget's font color, size adjustment, background color, background transparency of picture adjustment function and the external memory can be set to the widget background in photography functions you can just take a Widget background be.

RememberDay applications currently registered on the List tab, you can manage the list of D-Day.
As of Date Calculator tab easily calculated from the date after a few days you can try all the features and the number of days between two swipgye As of features that can be evaluated.

To delete a widget from the home screen is that the information is not deleted, and that D-day widget is inactive. Widget is a widget in an inactive registration screen information can be recalled and re-register.

RememberDay application that provides a widget app must be installed on the internal memory, you can ensure normal operation. If you are installing an external memory may not be the normal operation of the internal memory to install it ^ ^
Widget nature of the D-Day Date updated the Android system for up to 30 minutes errors may occur.

Manjiman point to lack of updates in the future we will continue. Inconvenience while using the application, that needs to be improved, bugs or reply to e-mail and let us know we will actively review the updates.

RememberDay application to try to manage their own special days.
Thank you ^ ^


v 3.0.1
 - Update existing users to set the home screen widget pointin modified disappearing phenomenon.
 - Other minor bug fixes reported.

v 3.0
 Existing crude was little more comfortable in the UI to be able to use a clean UI modification front.
 - Repeat every month, every year added to D-day calculations.
 - Add the application lock.
 - Notification Settings ON / OFF function added.
 - Improved quality of applied background photo widget.
 - Application stabilization.
 - Other bug fixes reported.
v 2.5
  - Advertising module modified
  - Dates when the date is put out some bug fixes (eg 2012-02-29)
  - Other bug fixes reported

v 2.4
  - D-Day from the list of active widgets can be modified to delete

v 2.3
  - Fixed some MS Gothic font in modifying the phenomenon
  - Other bug fixes reported

v 2.2
  - UI changes dates
  - Other bug fixes reported

v 2.1
  - Some UI changes
  - Sort function added

v 2.0
  - Adding the widget's text alignment (left, center, or right alignment)
  - Some UI changes
  - More widgets font size
  - "Day View" grayed anniversary of past
  - Other bug fixes reported

v 1.3
  - Reboot the terminal widget bug fixes that did not display properly
  - 'Day View' screen calculator functions more anniversaries
      -500 1-3500 days in addition to the list of automatically calculated anniversary
      Day of days between -99999 to 99999 can be calculated.
  - 'Day View' fix notation anniversary list
      Existing D-500 ~ D +3500 anniversary of the release of the list display
      500 days ago ~ 3500 days to be modified to show
  - Change the widget's background image setting function
     When setting the background image, the image is existing widgets increases or decreases
     Phenomenon, so why not apply to the release of the crystal size of the widget
     Modified to suit the background image is applied to look pretty.

v 1.2
  - Change the icon and loading screen
  - Select the date when the resolution is completed, the button is invisible in low terminal bug fixes



Remember Day(디데이 위젯) 3.0.3 screenshot 420944
Remember Day(디데이 위젯) 3.0.3 screenshot 420945
Remember Day(디데이 위젯) 3.0.3 screenshot 420946
Remember Day(디데이 위젯) 3.0.3 screenshot 420947
Remember Day(디데이 위젯) 3.0.3 screenshot 420948
Remember Day(디데이 위젯) 3.0.3 screenshot 420949
Remember Day(디데이 위젯) 3.0.3 screenshot 420950
Remember Day(디데이 위젯) 3.0.3 screenshot 420951

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