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Category: Education
Requires: Android 2.1 and up
Curent version: 2.0
Updated: 07.10.2013
Price: Free
Size: 4.87 Mb
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Description of Learn Spanish

Learn to speak Spanish fluently in short time . With our app you can learn Spanish so quickly
because it is easy to learn and it is easy to understand .
we offer you all you need to learn Spanish .

This app contains over 7000 words and phrases and divided in 200 sections,
each with an extensive words/phrases collection.

The following topics are covered in this update for free
Spanish Alphabet
Basic expressions
Cardinal Numbers
Ordinal Numbers
Time Vocabulary
How to ask for the time
The days of the week
Months of the year
The Four Seasons
The Four Directions
How to tell the date
Subject Pronouns
Object Pronouns
Farm Animals
Dining Room
Living Room
Utility Room
Holidays and festivals
After school care
After the flight
All about a wedding
Applying for a job
Asking the police for help
At a baby shower
At a fair
At a party
At a retirement home
At an amusement park
At college
At school
At the barber
At the butcher's shop
At the dentist
At the gas station
At the hair salon
At the mechanic
At the office
At the optician
At the shopping mall
At the spa
At the zoo
Auctions and Ebay
Being a good host
Bodily functions
Book club
Booking a flight
Booking accomodation
Broken office equipment
Buying a car
Buying a gift for someone
Buying fabric
Buying fruits and vegetables
Buying jewellery
Buying magazines
Buying music
Buying stationery and art supplies
Casual conversation openers
Checking in and out
Checking in and waiting for a flight
Clothes shopping
Common sayings
Community workers
Conflict with others
Describing a divorce
Describing Someone’s Personality and Appearance
Directions inside a building
Driving in a new city
During the flight
During the interview
Eating out
Emergencies at the hospital
Emotional feelings
Ending a casual conversation
Examples of news headlines
Explaining symptoms to the doctor
Exploring nature
Expressing opinions
Expressing thanks and gratitude
Extra curricular activities
Family game night
Finding an apartment
Finding out about your illness
First day at school
Fitness and exercise
Fixing up your car
Getting a visa
Getting currency
Getting into trouble with the police
Grocery shopping
Halloween phrases
Having a baby
Home science
House repairs
Household chores
How to introduce yourself and others formal
In the bank
In the fish market
In the library
In the pharmacy
In the photo shop
In the post office
In the taxi
Informal greetings and introduction
Information about yourslef and your family
Jewellery repairs
Looking for a job
Looking for apps online
Making friends
Making small talk about hobbies
Making small talk about life
Making small talk about sports
Meeting someone new
Missed calls
Mix ups at the dry cleaners
Natural disasters
Night time routine and falling asleep
On a field trip
On the internet
Phrases that restaurant staff use
Phrases the doctor might use during an examination
Planning a baby shower
Planning a birthday party
Pointers for an interview
Pointing out a problem with someone's clothes
Preparing for a christening
Problems with the telephone
Problems with your accommodation
Putting children to bed
Questions you may have about your accommodation
Reading food labels
Religious expressions
Requesting services
School fundraisers
Setting up a conference
Shoe shopping
Shopping for accessories
Shopping for books and newspapers
Shopping for cosmetics
Shopping for electronics
Shopping for school supplies
Shopping for souvenirs
Shopping on line
Special occasions
Taking a taxi
Taking and receiving messages
Taking supplements
Taking the bus
Taking the train
Talking about an apartment or house
Talking about art
Talking about computer specifications
Talking about how you feel ......... and a lot more



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