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Updated: 06.08.2015
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Description of DioNote - Handwriting note

Keep easy records of your life with DioNote! Analog Emotions Expressed with Digital Ink!
No more handwritten texts that cannot be edited! Unleash the creativity of your memos by using DioNote’s unique Handwriting Editing Function!

* DioNote is support resolutions of 1280x720, 480x800, 1080x1920 .
* DioNote is compatible with OS’s up to Lollipop(5.0).

===== DioNote’s Unique Features =====

◆ Simple User Interface ◆
DioNote is an application that allows you to write memos using your own handwriting. You can create memos simply by using your own handwriting and freehand drawings.

◆ Creating and Editing Your Own Handwritten memos ◆
The "Ink Text Function" recognizes and converts your handwriting, and then saves it as a text! The "Ink Text Editor" lets you easily edit your handwritten text, by applying the "cursor" to it, just as you would in a normal text on screen. You can edit both handwritten text and normal text on the same page without any distinction between the two styles.

◆ Quick and Easy Searching ◆
The Ink Search Function saves the stroke data of your handwritten memos and lets you find your handwritten memos as quickly as memos created with normal text methods.

===== Key Features of DioNote =====

* Notebook: You can create notebooks and organize your memos in each notebook much like folders.
* View Settings: You can select a view with notebook & memo together, a notebook-only view, and a memo-only view.
* Memo Sharing: You can share your memos on social networks or use them in other apps.
* Decorate your notebooks by adding your own image or photo to the notebook cover.
* Send and receive your notebooks with your Evernote, Google Drive or Dropbox accounts.
* Tap and hold the thumbnail of a memo to add its shortcut to the Home screen.

===== Detailed Memo/Canvas Features of DioNote =====

* Entry Mode: Switch quickly between Handwriting Mode and a keyboard mode when writing memos.
* Canvas (image memo): Select different brush modes and create freehand drawings on the canvas.
* Add images to the canvas to decorate photos, mark locations on maps, etc.
* Use various brush types, colors, and stroke thicknesses to refine your sketches.
* Quick Handwriting Mode: When using cursive handwriting, this mode automatically adjusts the panel sliding speed by recognizing your input speed.
* Able to adjust "Idle Composition Timeout" after creating your handwritten memo.
* Reduce or enlarge the text in your memos.

===== Usage Examples for DioNote =====

* Taking memos at lectures / Recording minutes or summarizing an agenda at conferences
* Sketching your ideas quickly while taking public transportation
* Drawing up a travel plan and sharing it with your travel companions
* Making a checklist for an important event
* Recording your significant event with photos
* Keeping a record of your special recipes

■ CS Center: [email protected]
■ facebook: www.facebook.com/DIOTEK



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