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Type: Game
Category: Action
Requires: 2.3 and up
Curent version: C6
Updated: 13.07.2015
Price: Free
Size: 47.12 Mb
Download: 310

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Description of Fall Out Cube Survival

Save the planet from total annihilation from the hands of the evil mutant soldiers who plague the lands in Fall Out Cube Survivor. You'll need all your skills for this one. Collect perks, knock out enemies, wield epic weapons and journey across war torn lands to restore order.

♢ ♢ Game Story ♢ ♢
They say I'm a traitor. Maybe I am. All I know was I did what I had to do...

I am gifted intellect, a Nobel Peace recipient, an ex military soldier and a renowned university professor who specializes in Nuclear Physics, so it was not a great surprise when I was summoned by the world's most powerful nations to create an alternative renewable energy for the human race. I was given a set of top secret instructions in which to follow as I labored over the invention of an invention that would prevent the world from the end it was predestined for. To say the task set before me was difficult would be an understatement, especially as my instructions changed daily. I was forced into seclusion in a top secret location even I was not allowed to know the whereabouts of during the creation of this invention, with only a handful of nameless government officials who breeched its borders to bring me my directives. These orders did not so much change my invention, but rather morphed it into something that surpassed a basic need for survival. At which time the project was to be revealed to the world, I was whisked away from the local and unceremoniously deposited back home with a tidy sum of cash. I waited eagerly for the unveiling that never came. Instead, one night as I slept, my dreams were interrupted by the sounds of alarms and gunfire. Alarms sounded, screams mingled with the reports of gunfire. As I scrambled from my bed and was witness to the chaos all around me, I felt the sickening realization of the truth: the nations I aided were not my own as I was once to believe, and my work was being used to create the nearly indestructible army of mutant soldiers that threatened everything I knew and held dear. With all my skill and might I knew with resolution that I must try to reverse the grave outcome that this race was now faced with. Before this dark evil could take over the entire planet, I would need to do everything in my power to locate the birthplace from whence I'd just slaved away over this demented invention and reverse what I'd done.

♢ ♢ Aim. Shoot. Fire! ♢ ♢
Kill enemies, guide your hero, switch between weapons, reload and more with easy touch-screen controls. You'll navigate massive 3D classic pixel worlds in your quest to beat the clock, collect amazing perks and conquer over your foes. Each world is set with their own obstacles to overcome, and in order to continue on to the next level, you must beat the one before. Each level features a preset timer you must beat in order to earn permanent weapons and power ups such as double damage, body armor, and endless sprint. Begin the game unarmed and collect weapons and ammo as you advance. Fight hand-to-hand or wield a selection of weapons against your enemies. You will be presented with the opportunity to gain extra ammo and spare lives by watching short videos. Get ready. This game is set to deliver a rush of adrenaline. Download for FREE today!!

-assault rifles
- sniper rifle
-exploding barrels

-university campus
-city center
-dark cavern



Fall Out Cube Survival C6 screenshot 54343
Fall Out Cube Survival C6 screenshot 54344
Fall Out Cube Survival C6 screenshot 54345
Fall Out Cube Survival C6 screenshot 54346
Fall Out Cube Survival C6 screenshot 54347
Fall Out Cube Survival C6 screenshot 54348
Fall Out Cube Survival C6 screenshot 54349
Fall Out Cube Survival C6 screenshot 54350
Fall Out Cube Survival C6 screenshot 54351
Fall Out Cube Survival C6 screenshot 54352
Fall Out Cube Survival C6 screenshot 54353
Fall Out Cube Survival C6 screenshot 54354
Fall Out Cube Survival C6 screenshot 54355
Fall Out Cube Survival C6 screenshot 54356
Fall Out Cube Survival C6 screenshot 54357

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