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Updated: 09.05.2016
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Description of dTV -映画、ドラマ、アニメならディーティービー-

About 120,000 works is a video delivery service of the nation's largest seen.
If you get the d account, also available If you do not have a line contract of DoCoMo.
To receive your use this app (dTV), it is required to register as a user of a separate Web site of dTV.
※ Please use this application (dTV) is to receive viewing the works in smartphone.
※ not available for registration from this application (dTV).

◇ point 1
Your look like work is always found!
Anyone can enjoy, including the mega-hit work of classic, blockbuster and the attention to be worried about, such as the masterpiece that wanted to see much, in delivering a rich lineup! To suit the mood of the day, so choose the work you want to see, you will find work always want to see.
In addition, new rental (individual billing) does not miss even work that I wanted to see because they are added one after another every month!
Favorite artists of the music video, live video, you can see only karaoke also like.

◇ point 2
dTV corresponding to the multi-device!
Because it can be five to the device used in one of the member registration, smartphone of course television (TV), a personal computer (PC), a such as a tablet, you can watch at the optimum device to fit your life scene.

◇ point 3
Anytime, anywhere, I want to and I thought at that time look!
At any time, because delivery service found in your favorite place, borrowed or, you do not need to be going to the returns.
At that time you wanted to see, in your favorite device, you can quickly select and watch your favorite work.

◇ main delivery content ◇

[Mega-hit album of classic not be removed]

"Resident Evil" series
"The Fast and the Furious" series
"Terminator" series
"Spider-Man" series
"Men in Black" series
"The Great Passage"
"24" series
"Dong Yi" series
"The Princess' Man"
"NARUTO- Naruto -"
"Slam Dunk"

[Blockbuster want to see right now]

"Social Network"
"Criminal Mind" series
"The Walking Dead" series
"Breaking Bad" series
"Prison Break" series
"Revenge" series
"SPEC" series
"HELIX- black gene -"
"Lupin III"
"Ushijima the Loan Shark" series

[Enjoy aligned parent and child]

"Ultraman" series
"Masked Rider" series
"Brave Yoshihiko" series
"Specter watch"
"Crayon Shin-chan"
"Assassination Classroom"
"Detective Conan"
"Nintama Rantaro"
"Pokemon" (Pokemon)

 [Look at it refreshing! Thrilling entertainment]

"Detectives are in the BAR"
"Ushijima the Loan Shark" series
"Close" series
"Loneliness of Gourmet" series
"Parasyte - Say of maxims -"
Theater version of "Gundam"
"Attack on Titan"
"Kuroko's Basketball"
"Saint Seiya"
"Hell Teacher Nu ~ base ~"
"Hitman from today."

Stimulating the throbbing love! ]

"We have to buy new shoes."
"Glee" series
"During Meri is sleepover"
"Rooftop Prince"
"End-of Noo ~ love and desire."
"Flowers in Full Bloom to you guys."

[Music Video (music) / live video delivery artist]

Amuro Namie
Kyary Pamyu Pamyu
Chris Hart
Southern All Stars
Sandaime J Soul Brothers
Dong Bang Shin Ki
Ayumi Hamasaki
May J.
Morning Musume.
1D (One Direction)

■ failure of your reports, opinions and requests are ...
Please inform me from inquiry form to support.
We'll be expecting you.

■ Notes on use
· DTV As a member, you can view the content of dTV from this app.
• For check and change your registration details thank you than "dTV" site.
- Not available from abroad.
• Depending on the device there is a content that can not be viewed part.
DoCoMo in order to line contract or sp-mode subscription is no customer if you use this service, you will need to d account that DoCoMo specifies separately.
 It should be noted that, due to the customer's contract status, there are times when the service contents, etc., are different part. In addition, payment of the usage fee will be credit card only.
Corresponding type please check here for the (
- Please send a blank e-mail to the Contact email address in the developer information. The automatic response, we will send you a URL to the inquiry form.



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