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Type: Game
Category: Adventure
Requires: Android 2.3 and up
Curent version: C6
Updated: 12.06.2015
Price: Free
Size: 44.17 Mb
Download: 538

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Description of Cube Wars Star Raiders

The future looks grim in Cube Wars: Star Raiders. This space age game delivers thrilling landscapes, terrifying enemies and powerful weapon variety. Each heart-pumping level pits you against enemies that only increase in number as you progress- and the terrain ain't no walk in the park either! Navigate dense forests, prowl a military base unit crawling with deadly foes and survive your greatest battle yet in the underground lab. You'll need to make the most of your perks to make it to the end with your life. Reserve accordingly as the health, ammo and speed pickups you'll find will become sparse just as the enemies double in numbers. Tread carefully. The revolution awaits...


A long time ago, in a galaxy light-years away, turmoil has engulfed the realm as the absolutism of the ministry grips the people in a totalitarian hold. Few corners of the galaxy are safe from the sovereign rule of the power-greedy warlord who holds the governments like a vice in his steely grip. Trade routes are controlled, and as realms rise up to fight his death-like hold, their world fades into oblivion. No one dares defies his reign. No one dare breech his defenses. That is, except for one...

☆A Revolution of the Ages ☆

Deep in the forests of a small village, the tale of a hero unfolds. Born into slavery, your life has known nothing but the four hot and cramped walls of the factory in which you toil away. Day in and day out, you work until your hands cramp and blister. Though sleep is a rare commodity, your dreams are plagued of an underground facility where a universe altering creation is set to influence the world and steal free thought from the people. Why these dreams continue, a repeated message, is unclear. If it is something, certainly there is nothing you could do about it. Then one night, the dream alters, and suddenly you see yourself as a warrior, battling endless enemies at base unit where attacks are unmerciful as they are constant, but every foe you encounter, you bring them down with swift efficiency. You awake to the alarms. Taking off from the bunks, you see the main room overturned by rebel soldiers. Not daring to tempt fate by joining their side and wielding the weapons seen only in your dreams, you take off into the wilds of the woods, only to realize that the fight has only begun...


Think strategically as you collect and utilize weapons. Your areal map is there for your protection. Use it and keep a close eye on upcoming enemies and be ready for their attack. Slow and mega speed pickups will aid you in your quest as will a selection of health and ammo perks, so be always on the lookout. This pixel block game for the ages is rife with intense first person running and shooting action. Enjoy amazing 3D graphics and a user-friendly touch screen control pad that allow you to focus your energy on game play and not how to maneuver your character. You are the hero. Don't let the galaxy down!


*High end, immersive game play
*Easy, intuitive touch pad controls
*Three stunningly beautiful levels
*Challenging enemy variety
*Hidden melee and firearm weapons
*Speed, ammo and health perks



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