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Category: Music & Audio
Requires: Android 2.3 and up
Curent version: 1.0.28
Updated: 25.01.2016
Price: Free
Size: 47.3 Mb
Download: 321

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Description of Read Sheet Music.

This app is designed to practice some aspects of Music Sight Reading.

If you want to increase your ability to read music notes values in a sheet music this app will help you.

Increase your ability to recognize music notes values and you will be able to grasp any music theory lessons, guitar lessons or piano lessons.

If you want to play piano music, flute music, guitar music or violin music this app is something you will use daily.

Knowing how to read music enables you to read piano sheet music, violin sheet music or any other type of music sheet.

How to play piano, how to play drums, how to play any musical instrument becomes easier when you are good at reading music.

This app includes:

- twenty five lessons
- twenty five quizzes
- ten exercises to recognize notes on the staff
- thirty additional exercises for Guitar and Piano (Keyboards)

Each Lesson contains five exercises. You will see a score and you will listen to what is written on it with animations of the beats, the notes on the staff and their names. On the low right side you will see the way you have to keep the beat with your right hand as if you were drawing on top of the animation.

Each Quiz corresponds to a Lesson. There are no animations and you have to click on the red rectangle when each of the notes or silences marked with red take place. There is a maximum of 25 right guesses per Quiz (five per exercise). We recommend not to go further and review the corresponding Lesson if you donĀ“t get a 20 score minimum per Quiz.

The additional exercises correspond to some contemporary music styles for Guitar and Piano (Keyboards).



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