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Category: Transport
Requires: 2.1 and up
Curent version: 2.3
Updated: 01.04.2016
Price: Free
Size: 2.56 Mb
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Description of Bus RealTime מתי האוטובוס הבא

App lets see convenient and simple manner when the next bus station.
Times are based on the GPS location of the bus in real time and are taken directly from the companies (OnTime Services / NextBus) and the Ministry of Transportation.
Companies supported: Egged, Egged, Dan, Metropolitan (Sharon and south lines), lines, Superbus, Metrodan, buses, route Express, Omni Express, S.a.m Nazareth, NTT, G'i.bi Torres, waves and public transportation Golan.

Among other things, the app allows you to:
- Station search by Name or Number, including AutoComplete
- Managing list of stations and different lines in parallel
- Alarm activation comes before the nearest bus station and display the time left in the status bar
- Support for a number of uniform and convenient interface

For comments and suggestions you are more than welcome to send me an email.

* Some clarifications:
- This is the official app of the various bus companies, built her own public welfare
- Times are taken directly from the companies / Ministry of Transport and there is no guarantee that they are accurate, although they usually are

Public transport companies are supported: Metropolitan lines, Superbus, Egged, Dan, Dan the south, Metrodan, Egged, City, waves, Golan
Supported public transportation companies: Egged, Dan, Dan Badarom, Superbus, Metrodan, Afikim, Nativ Express, Omni Express, GB Tours, Galim

*** Changelog ***

--- 2.3 ---
- Adding "Dan South"
- Update metropolitan lines
- Bug fixes

--- 2.21 ---
- Fixing the problems last month
- Update the new metropolitan lines

--- 2.2 ---
- Amendment lines of "Superbus"
- Repair of "lines" and adding another source (-nsioni lines, bottom)
- Bug fixes

--- 2.12 ---
- Update new lines of "Metropolis"

--- 2.11 ---
- Fixed loading lines "lines"

--- 2.1 ---
- Fix for many times and double lines in most companies (especially Egged and Dan)
- Added support for additional companies: G'i.bi. Torres, waves, transport Golan
- Added option to refresh the list of lines
- Updated interface and support for devices without "Menu" button
- Update new lines in metropolitan and lines

--- 2.09 ---
- Another bug fix metropolitan lines (showed "no information" instead of "station")

--- 2.07 ---
- Fixed the problem with "Metropolis", apologizes for the inconvenience!
- Currently there are problems in other companies, treatment

--- 2.05 ---
- Fixed loading lines of "lines"
- No error has been corrected information "Egged and Dan

--- 2.04 ---
- Update Metropoline lines

--- 2.03 ---
- Fixing the problem with lines

--- 2.02 ---
- Added support for the following companies: Nativ Express, Omni Express, S.a.m and NTT.
- Crash fixes
- Repair malfunction caused long Comcast loading failed "

--- 2.01 ---
Important Update: due to the intensity of the data of the Ministry of Transport Some lines companies Egged, Egged, Dan, Metrodan and changed channels.
Now updated app data, but may have saved some of the lines will stop working.
To fix the problem simply delete the lines that show information and add them again.
Apologize for the inconvenience.

--- 2.0 ---
- Additional support in formal interface with the Department of Transportation: Egged, Dan, Egged, buses and Metrodan. Soon the channel / Omni Express, S.a.m and NTT.
- Improved loading time lines list
- Improved search Stations List
- Bug fixes

--- 1.02 ---
- Returned Android 2.1 support (although probably time to upgrade ..)
- Updated for new lines / missing in lines and metropolitan. To update an app, check the settings and select Erase cache lines "

--- 1.01 ---
- Fixed a bug displaying a time line 369 of the Metropolitan Corporation (shown time instead of 369), thanks to Adi
- Fixed a bug that caused partial load line list. Those who have already encountered a problem, enter the settings and choose 'Erase cache lines "

Bus RealTime 1.0 --- ---
- Change app name (ex Metropoline RealTime)
- Support for additional companies: Lines and Superbus (in the future)
- Extended support Bandroid 4.0+
- Alert from now on you will see the bus station arrival time and the alarm time
- Bug fixes

--- 0.96 ---
- The app has been adapted to changes on the site metropolis and now again claims the right station list
- Added option settings to turn off the automatic refresh of times when you return to the app (after the screen turns off, for example)
- Repair the text of the direction of travel

--- 0.95 ---
- Fixed bug causing app crashes when you add the line 90
- In addition, the app now will not collapse when there is a problem specific line but only to show error
- Fixed an issue that caused display "connection failed" often



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