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언니의파우치 - 솔직한 뷰티 리뷰에만 집중한다 3.174.0 icon
Category: Beauty
Curent version: 3.174.0
Updated: 26.10.2016
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Description of 언니의파우치 - 솔직한 뷰티 리뷰에만 집중한다

"eonpa is when people experience the" Beauty ", Beauty apps to help you make the right choice."

UNPA. "In fact, whether others in cosmetics pouch was always curious about."
There are a whopping 2.6 million users can browse directly to reviews written by cosmetics.
Of course you'll not fall in the actual image review?

UNPA. "A different experience, different feeling for each person. Me and the people with the same skin? "
People with the same skin type and skin tone, and the listed Review
Through makeup tips you can get information tailored to me.

UNPA. "Every choice that comes to find fault judging cosmetics! Ask now! "
Beauty eonpa deokhu they know. What's good or bad ...
In eonpa Everything with you through my beauty.

UNPA. "Day blind date, interview or looking at me that day, I just want to change the unusual"
When and where information that can make a perfect report directly to share anywhere doeeoyo.
Look alive even through the shattered nabeorin shadow beauty tips!

  1. User reviews of Frank cosmetics

  2. variety of makeup and beauty tips Beauty with information

  3. Community to speak with beauty deokhu

  4. The notification of sale information Beauty / Cosmetics Brand

  5. Through various events every product presentation and Benefits

  6. When the review report ppomppu Available immediately eonpa Store

  7. points earned through purchases eonpa activities to free cosmetics

♦ Target 2016 Daily News Mobile brand cosmetics sector ♦ Information
- Selection beauty apps that women can select the most reliable

♦ 2015 years ♦ selection of 100 startups BEST
- Selected as a company to innovate the beauty industry

♦ The selected Google Play BEST 2014 years ♦ 30 Selection
- Selected as BEST App Google Play approved

■ Contact:

- Please tell us what you questions or requests via the "Contact Us" in the mail or app. Eonpa team hope to be able to apply directly to hearing from you.

■ sister of the pouch Facebook:

■ sister of the pouch cacao story:

■ sister of the pouch is requesting permission to users to provide the following features:

: To identify the approximate location provides a context-sensitive information Beauty
: Provides the ability for users to upload photos to take when writing a review
: The device ID provides functionality for only part of the CS process and send useful information through encryption to push the message
: Provides the ability to use the pictures stored when writing Review
: Provides the ability to store pictures during review



언니의파우치 - 솔직한 뷰티 리뷰에만 집중한다 3.174.0 screenshot 576381
언니의파우치 - 솔직한 뷰티 리뷰에만 집중한다 3.174.0 screenshot 576382
언니의파우치 - 솔직한 뷰티 리뷰에만 집중한다 3.174.0 screenshot 576383
언니의파우치 - 솔직한 뷰티 리뷰에만 집중한다 3.174.0 screenshot 576384
언니의파우치 - 솔직한 뷰티 리뷰에만 집중한다 3.174.0 screenshot 576385
언니의파우치 - 솔직한 뷰티 리뷰에만 집중한다 3.174.0 screenshot 576386
언니의파우치 - 솔직한 뷰티 리뷰에만 집중한다 3.174.0 screenshot 576387
언니의파우치 - 솔직한 뷰티 리뷰에만 집중한다 3.174.0 screenshot 576388
언니의파우치 - 솔직한 뷰티 리뷰에만 집중한다 3.174.0 screenshot 576389

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