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Description of Masuk Surga

Thank God, the highest and most beautiful praise belongs to Allah and to Him and to the one we worship and praise. Salawat and greetings may always devoted to lord great prophet Muhammad bin Abdillah. The prophet who has managed to educate his friends to be the ones who are pious. Teach and willed his community to follow in his footsteps and teachings. Hopefully salawat and salam always delegated for the friends, relatives and followers loyal until the end of time.

Holy Prophet as practical guidance and behavior of a Muslim believer, will always be the desire of people who want to achieve kesolehan life, enjoyment faith, and truth worship. Images of the Prophet's life, teachings and his will, is contained in thousands of hadith and detailed in hundreds of books. Many scholars tried to collect these traditions in a book that is concise, simple and to the point. As a result, we will find dozens or even hundreds of books already exist and are widespread.

And future generations continue to spin and change, natural selection is true, the old books remain readable ummah good, new books appear too great. Nothing can replace the role of the old books, and many more who are not able to take the role unless a booster treasures. Begitul rotation from year to year, century to century.

Of the many books of hadith were made, one of the most widely used book people, read people and the ummah is used as a reference book of Riyadh al-Salihin of Imam al-Nawawi (w.676 H). This book became the most widely read book, owned, printed and reviewed in the majlis-majlis science in the Islamic world. therefore his translation had dozens.

The content of the book of Riyadh al-Salihin as the name suggests is an invitation to the community and guidance to become a pious person, membinanya to remain a pious and train people to enjoy kesolehan it. As a result, overall, the book is very well, or even very good. Coupled with Imam al-Nawawi's reputation as a highly respected writer because in addition to known broad scientific, also known kesolehan, kewaro'an, devotion, and keistiqomahan ketawadhu'an him.

Another factor that makes this book deserves to be used is the authenticity of the hadith-hadith. Imam al-Nawawi hadith has been selective in choosing which correspond to chapters or themes he adopted. Although it must be admitted, and he himself said it, that not all the traditions that exist in this book is worth valid, but many are hasan and there is little that is da'eef. For the da'eef, he requires to not get rated da'eef once let alone false, then this hadith da'eef possessed other factors that strengthen it. Wal results, with terms as above, scholars of Hadith recommend this book as a source muktamad.

Departing from the above advantages, the authors wish to take the blessings or benefits and positive sides. The author takes the traditions of the Hadith and compile them in a different theme. The spirit and philosophy remains essentially take the author of Riyad al-Salihin, from the title, the author chose "Step Again you in Heaven". Not "Let's be man Salah" or "Garden of Eden". The reason is, most people are Muslim now, are invited to be a pious person would rarely, but if it was offered would all go to heaven.

Finally, we hope this blessed move of God, and become truly pious and charitable charity for us, too, of course Imam al-Nawawi and the narrators of hadith. No lag, as a charity for those who have helped make the Center for the Study of Hadith in programs like this.



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