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Requires: Android 4.0 and up
Curent version: 6.4
Updated: 26.02.2017
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Description of M건강보험

National Health Insurance mobile app service is the main content in the Main Complex citizens in Mobile
It can easily and quickly configured to access a lot of information.
Services provided include:
1. The certificate sending faxes

- Provides services that can be sent by fax to conveniently submit to the authority smartphone anytime, anywhere without my room for the branch Customer Service without proof issued by the National Health Insurance.
  ※ type (5 types): Certificate of Eligibility infested, qualification certificate, confirmation of contributions, insurance premiums paid card, second-level certificate
- Issued faxes, fax issuance process results' to check the fax original text was sent via check whether in fact the proof Fax issued, of course, if you sent a fax to the Agency determine whether received via the 'Corporation received faxes Views' you can.

2. Complaints consultation (Mobile VOC)

- A two-way mobile communication channel that presents any questions or comments on requirements and business complexes in the smartphone without regard to time and place and can answer for it.
- Type (6 types): Complaints counseling, staff friendly / unfriendly practices, dialogue with the president, customer suggestions, comments improve mobile

3. Report Center

- You can report fraudulent charges and medical institutions, the proposed budget for the effective management and reduction of National Health Insurance Corporation on a smartphone.
- Category: Budget report waste, medical institutions to report fraudulent charges, to report corruption

4. Other civil service (25 species)

Providing citizen services by providing expanded, and view medical information and report to the health care services received in the customer contact and provide the right to know the people.

- Common Services: My complaint inquiry, eligibility, health insurance card reissued, payroll stop information, health screenings target and query result, unpaid refunds, co-payments, reimbursement application, you pay the maximum charge premium 'application, other levy gwaohnap rebate application, care received View / Report replying history, business data provided consent, Prosthetics and orthotics reservation, my Prosthetics and orthotics booking, civil consultation, the staff friendly, the staff unfriendly, dialogue with the President, mobile improving feedback, customer suggestions, to report waste budget, fraudulent charges medical institutions report , report corruption

- Member Services Area: History premiums charged, premiums paid into notice, e-mail notices, mobile notice, apply not change bill delivery, insurance bills reissue debit application, pay off dues rebate Corporation

- Work subscriber services: personal insurance job search, personalized Views Year-end Tax Settlement History

5. Health insurance information (mobile web)

- You can develop the main content in homepage so that people can access a lot of information quickly and easily take advantage of the mobile health assistant in my hand.
- The complaint solver Flash animation has been configured to the health insurance system for anyone to understand.
- Healthcare Content provides self-diagnostic services, including the type and disease-specific test procedures and first aid for all diseases, diabetes, disorders and postpartum depression, such as hypertension, menopausal self-test, a dementia test, Depression Scale various itemized and self diagnosis is possible to check their own health jikineunde advance the prevention of diseases and health consists of a very useful service.
- The addition was designed to find nearby hospitals and clinics / offices at the current location, and provides a variety of information to the four social insurance Simulation ability to calculate in advance the view of my four social insurance.

6. counselors connection (mobile sign language counseling)

- Provides smart phone counseling service is available both sign language sign language services for communication by three counselors subscribers for the hearing and language disabilities to carry health insurance customer service center.
- How is the case of Android phones by clicking the M Health Insurance app home screen bottom counselors connected and connected with sign language therapist to consult, in the case of the iPhone by searching the Health Insurance hydration counseling from Apple's App Store to install the app available you can.

7. M Health Insurance and certificate installation
Civil Service of this app is available after login certificate.

- How to carry a certificate from your PC to your smartphone

① Main Complex (www.nhis.or.kr/cert) to select the Certificate Export, and then choose to export the certificate to your smartphone, enter your password in the certificate

② M Health Insurance Import at the bottom of the app, select Import a certificate from a certification center, and enter the authorization number on the website 'export certificate' window certification number is

③ M Health clicking the "OK" button at the bottom of the authentication code stored in the insurance certificate is sent from your smartphone on your PC Website



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