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Category: Entertainment
Requires: Android 2.3.3 and up
Curent version: 1.2.7
Updated: 20.12.2016
Price: Free
Size: 15.77 Mb
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Description of Dog n' Puppy Barking Sounds

Dog and Puppy Sounds
Now Androids will bark!
The magical invention of android has made many unthought-of things possible- in a matter-of-factly manner. The invention of new apps makes the androids even smarter and more fun a choice. The Dog and Puppy Sounds is a free soundboard app for Android developed by sndapps. This funny and cool app deals with dogs and puppies. There are a lot of realistic sounds of dogs and puppies. One sound is that of a Funny Dog, one is a growling Angry Dog; the others include Mad Dog, Hungry Dog, Happy Dog, Dog Barking, Silly Dog, Dogs Sounds, Dog Roar, Frustrated Dog, Adorable Dogs sounds, Dog Yelling and many more.
Play with your pets with this soundboard app for android!
If you are a dog lover and have dogs or puppies as you pet- it is time for you to engage them in a fun play with the new soundboard for android. Dog and Puppy sounds App is a really fun application to which your pet will definitely respond and will love it instantly. It is also very adorable and exciting an app for your kids as well. They can also spend hours with your pup playing with this amazing application.
The multiple dog sounds found in this app has been designed basis a dog soundboard application. The creators demand that it is not all- the next updated version of this app will include a number of new puppy sounds designed on puppy soundboard platform in near future.
The amazing realistic approach of this application is the core catch point for the users. The appropriate dog whistle, frightening dog bark, sound of dog growling mixed with sheer anger, and even rare sounds like dog crying or dog sniffing has been put in the application with utmost accuracy. This application is also popularly used as a dog whistler or dog teaser. Not only dogs, you can also play naughty pranks with your friends, thanks to the authenticity of the sounds this app offers.
This cool dog Friendly app is not always a fun element only. It also helps you do several other useful things. Is there a cat in your locality which is proving to be a real menace for your daily life? Use this amazingly designed application to chase the cat- you’ll get wonderful results.
Even the dog care centers can use this as a dog call app for training the dogs. As it features random dog sound effects, it has also been of significant use as a dog distracter.
Get the Dog and Puppy Sounds App, Now!
Still thinking about whether you should download the app? Well, the answer is- YES! It is just a little application which will do big things for you- seeing your kids and your pets enjoying, isn’t that a big thing for you? Moreover, the app is available absolutely free of cost in android phone. so be quick, and download Dog and Puppy Sounds today!



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New Updates
- Increase app speed, loads faster
- Added a button for easy built-in sharing
- Fixed bug causing sounds to stop working on certain phones
- Reduced app file size
- New launcher icon
- Reduced required permissions

Dog and Puppy Sounds App is a Free, Funny and Cool Dogs and Puppies Soundboard App for Android. This Cool App Contains a lot of realistic dog and puppy sounds: Funny Dog, Angry Dog, Hungry Dog, Dog Barking, Mad Dog, Happy Dog, Silly Dog, Dog Roar, Dogs Sounds, Frustrated Dog, Dog Yelling,Adorable Dogs sounds and more.
You can use this app to play with your dog or with your cat.

The domestic dog (Canis lupus familiaris), is a subspecies of the gray wolf (Canis lupus), a member of the Canidae family of the mammalian order Carnivora. The term "domestic dog" is generally used for both domesticated and feral varieties. The dog may have been the first animal to be domesticated, and has been the most widely kept working, hunting, and pet animal in human history.

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