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Type: Game
Category: Card
Requires: Android 2.3 and up
Curent version: 2.0.4
Updated: 02.01.2017
Price: Free
Size: 4.81 Mb
Download: 219

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Description of Mau Mau

Get now Mau Mau free playing card game!

Game Features:

- Hours of entertainment!
- Offline mode available: free to play without internet connection and without wifi!
- Specifically optimized for the Android
- Fun, excitement and entertainment!
- Easy to use and comfortable user interface!
- Designed for both Tablet and Phone
- Smooth gameplay.
- Works perfect even without network, without wifi, offline
- Free! Play as much as you want

The game is played with a regular deck of playing cards. The players are dealt each a hand of cards (usually 7). The rest are placed face down as the drawing stack. At the beginning of the game the topmost card is revealed, then the players each get a turn to play cards.

One can play a card if it corresponds to the suit or value of the open card. E.g. on a 10 of spades, only other spades can be played or other 10s. If a player is not able to, they draw one card from the stack. If he can play this card, he may do so, otherwise he keeps the drawn card and passes his turn. If the drawing stack is empty, the playing stack (except for the topmost card) is shuffled and turned over to serve as new drawing stack.

In Mau Mau free card game you can play without wifii. You can play Mau Mau free card game offline free, Mau Mau free card game without wifi.

In Mau Mau card game free all cards are shuffled and dealt clockwise one card at a time to each player. The number of cards for each player depends on the number of players. Each of two players gets 7 cards, each of three players gets 6 cards and each of four players gets 5 cards. The players take their cards, looking (only) at their own cards. After dealing cards to all players the topmost card of the pile is laid on the table faceup. This card is the first one on the discard pile. The remaining cards are laid on the table facedown as draw pile.

The player, who got the first card, starts playing. If one of his cards corresponds to the suit or value of the open card (i.e. the topmost card on the discard pile), he can play this card, which means, put it faceup on top of the discard pile. Be aware, that there are some additional rules, if an action card is played. If the player has no matching card, he must take the upmost card of the draw pile. If that card matches, it can be put down in the same turn. Otherwise play moves on to the next player in turn. If one player puts his last card on the discard pile, he is the winner and the game is over.

No internet connection or wifi required:
You don't need an internet connection or wifi and don't have to wait for other players.

If the draw pile should be exhausted, the topmost card of the discard pile is removed and the remaining discard pile is turned face down, forming the new draw pile. The removed open card is put down as new discard pile. This is done immediately after the last card is drawn, even if that card matches the open card and can be played in the same turn! So the next card to draw from the draw pile will always be the bottom card of the former discard pile. It is guaranteed that a game will not completely run out of cards. (In fact there exist a few "degenerated distributions" that lead to that state, but there is no such case among the testcases.)



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