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Category: Productivity
Requires: Android 4.1 and up
Curent version: 1.015
Updated: 02.01.2017
Price: Free
Size: 7.15 Mb
Download: 204

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Description of Flower diary with Password

Cherry and cherry flower petals are fireworks display bursting in like a diary while moving.
When you run the app, you can set the background music and background pictures. When the app starts automatically as background music when the play is an empty space on the main screen, double-tap (double touch) stop. When double-tap again to play.

In a brief note or diary it can be used to set the time and alarm release can be found a written note.

This password security feature on the keypad that way defend his precious privacy and how patterns have been added.

Write down the information or famous quote or schedule their favorite widgets to the message.

You can send or share your note content to SNS and email.

This widget has been added. You do not need to run the app, you can update your notes or write a note written quickly in the widget. The size of 2x2 and 4x4 widget has two.

This shortcut has been added to your written notes or diary read so quickly from the Home screen. It can be updated by connecting rapidly with widgets and shortcuts.

Secret Diary notes the main features
Create a folder in the list of notes you can sort the information.
Press and hold the selected item appears in the note list, a pop-up menu. You can delete the selected item and move it to another folder.

Try these hours.
If you need to copy the contents of a text file to the Internet Web site or document and paste the notepad, you can view and edit anytime when needed.
 Writers who write novels can quickly record that I think from time to time.
Please note of the day were things in the diary today.
From time to time take note of emerging ideas, I suddenly thought of things. One of the characteristics of successful people have a habit of notes.
Important phone numbers and information management for important people
Slush fund management, saving management, money management
The key point when you study, course content writing
Business information company, meetings, recording exactly what needs to be done in the future, Calendar
Car care Engine oil change, tires, etc.
Bank account management, insurance management
Health care, diet records
id and password management of Internet websites
You're welcome to try the simple notes when needed.

Written notes Cute footstep icon on the right leads to the White Hart (folder does not occur)
When using the alarm time it expires replaced by pink hearts. Notepad will appear in the display to the expiration of pink hearts.

If you press the lock icon on the main screen, you can set a password lock password and pattern of how the pin numbers how can remove the password.

Background image of the main screen can be replaced with images or pictures taken with the camera you want. Google Plus users can use their right post pictures and upload images.
Customize your family, friends, lovers, self-camera pictures, your favorite celebrity star, cute pets, animated images, travel, go to the main display your favorite photos taken such a beautiful and wonderful landscape, sports players.

Show or hide the cherry blossoms and petals set, and you can change the number, size, speed, spark type of delay.

When you run the application off the background music or sound can be turned on. When changing the background music, select the audio files that are stored on the smartphone, press the select background music then press the Done button. If you check the Repeat Background music is played repeatedly.

Create a shortcut to the home screen in notepad and sharing, and the alarm button, pressing the cat icon to change the skin to wood background.
If the note pad, press and hold your finger on the screen, you can use the Copy, Paste, Crop tool.
Press the back button on your smartphone are automatically saved.



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