Shin Chan Kasukabe's Challenge 1.0 Apk

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Type: Game
Category: Puzzle
Requires: Android 2.3 and up
Curent version: 1.0
Updated: 17.03.2016
Price: Free
Size: 64.78 Mb
Download: 1921

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Description of Shin Chan Kasukabe's Challenge

Download Shin Chan Kasukabe's Challenge free now. Whether you're a Shinchan-fan or not, it's Shinchanaddictive!

Shin Chan Kasukabe’s Challenge is the most addictive game APP right now. With Shin Chan as the main character, in this game you will have to show your skill and mental agility to help the “butt, butt” and “I don't like green pepper” hero make all the perfect combinations in record time, to get all the surprises that are waiting for you at every level.

This thrilling and addictive game will not go through your mobile phone in vain. You won't be able to stop playing. Shin Chan will be the hero of the APP, and you will have to help him pick up all those things he leaves scattered around the house, try to get Misae not to bash him a dozen times a day, or stop Hiroshi from being late to work because he stayed up watching scantily clad girls on TV. To do this, you will have to draw lines like crazy, pick up objects, memorize and memorize again like you've never done before. Only like this will you be able to move forward in the game. Are your fingertips ready? Then go ahead and start playing and drawing lines like never before!

Help Shin Chan overcome the various levels. Discover all the characters in Kasukabe: Misae, Hiroshi, Himawari, the school teachers... and travel around the different settings in the city of world-famous Shinnosuke Nohara.

Complete the lines, pick up objects as fast as you can, and test your memory in the stages of repeating the most frenetic lines. Obtain “Shin Chan Coins (SC)” and unblock levels and extra accelerators. Enjoy the funniest moments of the series after you finish a level.

Shin Chan Kasukabe’s Challenge offers you:
• 3 levels
• 18 sublevels
• Game mode: Repeat
• Game mode: Pick up
• Game mode: Memorize
• 3 exclusive videos
• Extreme combinations of the most frenetic lines
• Record time screens in an exciting game
• Exploring new settings in Shin Chan's Kasukabe world
• Sharing your scores and game on Facebook
• You can easily play on all your mobile devices and unblock levels using the obtain-Shin-Chan-coin option (SC)

Are you a Shin Chan fan? You aren't? Then, you can't miss visiting his official web or following him on his official Facebook page. There are lots of surprises for everyone:

And finally, Luk International, DOBCN and Manduka Games want to THANK you all for playing Shin Chan Kasukabe’s Challenge!

Original works © 1990 USUI YOSHITO. Animation series and productsderivedthereof © 1992-2012 SHIN-EI Animation& TV AsahiCorporation. Allrightsreserved.



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