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Type: Game
Category: Strategy
Requires: Android 3.0 and up
Curent version: 1.4
Updated: 05.07.2014
Price: Free
Size: 10.98 Mb
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Description of Tram Tycoon Lite

Let’s try something new! Become a public transport tycoon and enjoy this nontraditional strategy and time management game. Play through the history from 1960 up to 2020, buy many of different trams, upgrade the stations and find the best strategy to achieve all trophies in time.

Citizens expect comfort buses and this is important - do not let them order a taxi! Each tram offers specific number of capacity, price and XP points for each transported passenger. City is changing each level so you will need your brain. Be a smart director and organize your pocket tram imperium wisely.

Tired of tons of confusing tables during growing your virtual business yet? This simulation game is really easy to control, tutorial is short, clever and multilanguage so you will enjoy the challenge in the first early moments.

Time is running... wake up the drivers, turn on the lights in your trains and put them on the railway. Get this sweet and addictive game and transport them all!

From the very first moment of the level you should watch the buildings! The taller building you are looking at, the bigger potential it has! Taller buildings offer more passengers. So your first tram line should be going through these huge buildings!

Citizens want to be transported! Anyhow. If there is no line created by your company, they will choose a taxi. And this is the point! Each passenger gives you the XP you need for the trophies and winning each level! Taxi on the board means you have lost 20 passengers! A lot of XP! Like the previous paragraph said: a bigger building equals more passengers.

Each tram gives you a specific number of XP for each transported passenger. Think about it, deeply. When you buy a tram with 7 XP and you loose 20 passengers (1 person on the board), it means 140 XP. Try not to lose too much XP.

As stated you should explore the city at the beginning. Start your first line on the place where there are a lot of bigger buildings! Bigger buildings mean a lot of potencial lost passengers (stolen by the taxi). This is really important to think about!

Are you purchasing the trams without thinking about their price and capacity? This is crucial. XP is not everything in the very first moments! You have probably bought the best possible tram at the beginning (because you want as much XP as possible) but your station capacity is only 20 passengers (without upgrades). This is the issue! A tram with huge capacity is useless when you don´t upgrade the stations (it serves 20 more people per each upgrade). So where is the point? You will be doing well with tram with small capacity and price at the beginning. Small XP earnings are not important in the beginning! First of all you need money for better trams in the near future! You can earn a lot of money with cheaper trams in the beginning! That´s why cash is important! Buy better trams after some time. Expensive trams with huge capacity make sense only if you can serve a bigger number of passengers at the stations! Always think about the ratio between the capacity of a station and the capacity of a tram! A wrong strategy can consupt your money and then your XP by the taxis!

This paragraph is linked to previous. Imagine you have bought a tram with a small capacity. So there is no sense to upgrade the stations to their maximum while you are saving money for better trams! Station upgrades are expensive! Upgrade the stations after buying a new tram. Immediately, if possible.

The best strategy is to sell your trams after they have reached their final station. Let the trams serve all passengers on their line. Then sell them before reaching their depot when an accident occurs.




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