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Type: Game
Category: Arcade
Requires: 4.0 and up
Curent version: 2.1
Updated: 08.11.2016
Price: Free
Size: 20.39 Mb
Download: 53002

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2.3 (234 votes)

Description of Sky Whale

Bounce through the sky collecting donuts to keep your narwhal up in the air! Use clouds and crazy objects to bounce higher and farther. Insane combos will take your narwhal into outer space. And scuba gear will send him on an underwater adventure. Earn coins to unlock awesome items, blasting your narwhal farther than he’s ever gone before!

• Play the REAL game from Nickelodeon's new show: GAME SHAKERS!
• The more donuts you collect, the longer you bounce through the sky!
• Insane item combos add boosts to your bounce like: DOUBLE MONEY MONKEY TOILET!
• Pick up the special rainbow donut to trigger the ultimate SUGAR RUSH!
• The more you unlock the farther you go!

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47 Reviews

#219 - 04-Mar-2016 16:35

sky whale

#220 - 04-Mar-2016 19:45

Up sky whale

#270 - 20-Mar-2016 20:34

Write a review !I, like, it

#271 - 20-Mar-2016 20:48

Write a review !I, loved, it

#272 - 20-Mar-2016 22:43

wowww thanks for this games i like it :)

#277 - 22-Mar-2016 16:55

BOOM! sky whale is lame
because mine doesn't work
until my own works
I will write good things about sky whale

#278 - 22-Mar-2016 16:57

So you get it

#279 - 22-Mar-2016 16:58

I am not dumb like Hotson

#280 - 22-Mar-2016 17:00

or Die Game shakers

#351 - 02-Apr-2016 16:46

????i love babes i like it when hudson is funny:)

#353 - 02-Apr-2016 16:48

Wow this sky whale is boss

#355 - 02-Apr-2016 16:52

Sky whale boss #cant stop playin so other people#i love u babes ill never stop!;!!:)

#387 - 04-Apr-2016 20:14

i love you babe!!!!!!

#675 - 09-May-2016 20:19

I love this game

#786 - 27-May-2016 10:55

this is the best game

#872 - 12-Jun-2016 14:27

Write a review !download sky whale

#912 - 18-Jun-2016 13:10

Hey Babe , ken , GGG ,gg ,bunny love you all like how can I download sky whale ♥

#913 - 18-Jun-2016 13:10

Hey Babe , ken , GGG ,gg ,bunny love you all like how can I download sky whale ♥

#944 - 25-Jun-2016 12:48

Write a review !It is amazing but I need it now

#978 - 03-Jul-2016 12:46

I love you Babe

#979 - 03-Jul-2016 12:49

I like Hundon because he is funny!!!!!!!

#991 - 05-Jul-2016 9:08

I love your songs Double G!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

#992 - 05-Jul-2016 9:11

Why is Ruthless so loud?

#1006 - 09-Jul-2016 18:31

wow i am ur biggest fan,i love all your games pls dont stop on making games love u ur biggest fan jennifer plz send me a tablet i am in 7f i go to immanuel ruiters primary school

#1050 - 17-Jul-2016 21:06

I love game shakers

#1055 - 18-Jul-2016 18:25

Write a review !nice!!!!!!

#1177 - 09-Aug-2016 2:16

I love u sky whale as well as u babe

#1244 - 19-Aug-2016 15:07

i love you ruthless and dub G

#1381 - 05-Oct-2016 11:59

it s fansitic

#1410 - 15-Oct-2016 20:47

I luv u all game shakers

#1572 - 12-Dec-2016 12:23

Write a review !halla

#1584 - 17-Dec-2016 11:14

arana agba unu

#1854 - 30-Mar-2017 2:26

How c9me sky whale is not opening on my phone

#1860 - 06-Apr-2017 11:51

Write a review !love u guys!!!!!!!!!babe ,ken ,GGG u guys are awesome

#1972 - 23-May-2017 2:57

Write a review !sky whales is no runing on your phone because you have not download the cache file

#2264 - 08-Oct-2017 23:40

write a review,great

#2639 - 15-Mar-2018 22:21

Lov babe

#2640 - 15-Mar-2018 22:21

Lov babe

#2641 - 15-Mar-2018 22:21

Lov babe

#2642 - 15-Mar-2018 22:21

Lov babe

#2939 - 02-Jun-2018 9:44

great game

#3164 - 31-Jul-2018 10:17

Write a review ! l love babe

#3318 - 17-Sep-2018 19:08

Love it

#3548 - 11-Dec-2018 12:38

This game is boss! Guys well done?

#3803 - 01-Apr-2019 9:03

I love u babe to be my gf

#4013 - 16-Jul-2019 11:27

Una fafa

#4014 - 16-Jul-2019 11:27

Una father

Sorry, your review is too short !

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