Zillionaire for TANGO 1.5 Apk

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Type: Game
Category: Board
Requires: Android 2.3 and up
Curent version: 1.5
Updated: 24.03.2015
Price: Free
Language: English
Size: 16.42 Mb
Download: 1098

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Description of Zillionaire for TANGO

Have you ever wanted to build your own empire? What about becoming a self-made tycoon? TANGO’s Zillionaire is a free to play strategic board game that offers players the chance to live out their wildest dreams and fantasies in a fun, colorful, and social environment! Forget about becoming a millionaire, now you can become a Zillionaire!

In Zillionaire for TANGO, there’s a chance that anything can happen! Roll the dice to decide your fate! Will you be swimming in money or will you end up broke? Buy cities and build up territories across the board, then earn money as your friends and family land on your property with every turn. You and your friends will be competing to accumulate the most wealth. Just don’t end up bankrupt or the match is over! From penthouses to hotels, to skyscrapers and famous landmarks, use your luck, money, and skill to build up your empire!

Snatch up your opponents’ property and expand your own! Zillionaire is a winner take all board game where anything can happen!

Classic Board Game Feel!
* Unique dice roll features let you strategize your roll and moves
* Board game themes include exotic cities and outer space planets
* Use your money to buy land or stay out of trouble
* Dozens of randomized chance cards raise the stakes

Head to head with friends in this multiplayer game!
* Play friends, family or other Tango users online
* Up to four players per game
* Team up to win or become an independent boss tycoon
* Chat and send emoticons to your teammates or your opponents for strategizing or trash talking

Casual gameplay anyone can enjoy
* These casual games only take 10 to 25 minutes
* Simple controls means anyone can download and start playing
* Play family games or start game with friends
* Stay engaged with fun animations and light music

Buy the hottest properties and leave your opponents with nothing in this winner take all game! Careful though, with one bad dice roll, you’ll end up in the desert or a frozen cell, leaving you stranded for at least three game turns! Work your way to becoming a Zillionaire until someone goes bankrupt!

Become a Tycoon:
*Use your money to take over your opponent’s property
*Build up on your land from hotel to landmark, earning your more cash
*Charge your opponents tolls and taxes and make them pay!
* Use mini-games to win more money

Roll the dice and become a real estate tycoon! Take control of the board by buying as much property as you can to expand your empire! This fun and new multiplayer board game from Tango takes skill and luck to win. Take over and own it all in Zillionaire!

Your fortune and fate depends on a dice game:
* Unique dice rolling features let you choose even or odd to strategize your moves
* Choose from dozens of characters, each with their own special abilities and advantages
* Develop your character’s different abilities by advancing levels with every win
* Buy special dice that roll in unique ways
* Brag about all of your spectacular wins on Tango

Multiple board game maps:
* Board themes include exotic cities worldwide and outer space planets
* Build different landmarks and notable space objects like planets or satellites
* Different mini-games for each map

Free Bonuses:
* Receive bonus gems, coins, stamina or cards every time you log in!
* Collect three free daily items to add to your backpack, each item changes your chances!
* Use your free bonuses to buy more gems, gold, stamina or cards
* Lottery every day for more bonuses


Can you become the richest in the world? Own it all in Zillionaire! Become a tycoon and take money from all of your friends and family. Download Zillionaire and start playing today!

For comments or questions about the awesome cash feud multiplayer board game Zillionaire, feel free to reach out to us at: http://support.tango.me/home

To check out other awesome games, see our website at: http://www.tango.me/games




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