Silent Mission: NY 2 London 1.1 Apk

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Type: Game
Category: Action
Requires: 4.0 and up
Curent version: 1.1
Updated: 06.04.2016
Price: Free
Size: 68.47 Mb
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Description of Silent Mission: NY 2 London

After the success of prison escape silent mission, we have brought you the next episode, Silent Mission: NY 2 London which is an action packed realistic gangster and mafia crime game that requires you to shoot down all the criminals, collect the clues and information in the environment of London city. The missions involves stunning and challenging gameplay filled with car driving, airplane flight, heavy gunship shooting and commando sniper thrills. Where you will perform the role of a trained sniper shooter who has special skills to face deadly tasks against enemies without any help. You will require to target criminals and shoot them to clear the crime city. Beware of your enemies, they are powerful so stealth will be your survival strategy. If you died in the silent mission, you will lose your game. So prove yourself as one of the best surviving legend.

Pain and Suffering: Innocent Revenge
After hard time escape from Prison with the help of his fellow prisoners, Johny went back to the NY city and decided to search the killers & take revenge who plotted him to jail.

A One Man War: New York Vendetta
Police helicopters attacked on your chopper to stop you. Before shooting down your chopper you need to combat & shoot down all the enemy helicopters with mini gun fixed in your helicopter. You have to destroy all police helicopters before reaching the city.

Crime City Life: Golden Night Club Evidence
Johny located the dance bar club which is meeting spot of Criminals & Gangster Mafia. He needs to find someone who is connected with gangs and get some clues to reach the real boss. Complete all the missions and tasks given by the spy informer. Just beware of the town police that is searching for you all around the city. Explore the streets and clubs of the NY city to find the person who will give you all next secret information about gangs and mafia businesses. Remember to collect clues & weapon to shoot all the guards and criminals silently with silencer pistol.

Hunt down the Criminals: Car & Airplane Chase
Let’s reach the airport faster by driving a sports car. As a real driver you can wreck, smash and do some real drifting on the city streets. Get ready to face the traffic in your way. Reach the airport safely and on time to show your flying skills and become the airplane pilot. Fly plane as the real-time pilot to reach the London city and to gather all the information in your way during your flight.

Let the gun do the talking: Sniper Traffic Shooter
Just land yourself in a sniper shooting adventure which is full of enemy shooters and professional killers. Destroy all the enemy vehicles as a trained sniper shooter, you have to fight alone against the group of enemy sniper shooters in a stealth mode. Just be consistent and never give up in any situation, Make the best use of your professional sniper shooting rifle while playing the role of best shooter in this London city mafia war. Show your skills to save yourself and get evidences against real criminals.

Criminals Mastermind: Final Plan to Escape
After completing all tasks & collecting evidence now johny has reached the last destination of mastermind boss who actually plotted you in Prison, this will be the last chance to take your revenge. You have to shoot down the Mafia boss before she escape from your targeted sniper gun range. Let’s kill the boss convoy and break the security to take Clear head-shot.

Silent Mission: NY to London Game-play Features:

Real Experience of Car Driving & Airplane Flight
Explore the City & Criminals Hideouts
Smooth Flying Controls & Car Driving
Extreme Crime Pursuit and Chase
Touch And Move The Screen To Aim The Enemy.
Use Sniper Scope to Zoom-In & Target Distance Enemies
Use Fire Button to Shoot Down Gangster
Follow the Instructions to Finish All Missions
Top Sniper Shooting Experience
Graphics & Gameplay Controls



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