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Category: Lifestyle
Requires: 4.0 and up
Curent version: 5.6.1
Updated: 23.12.2015
Price: Free
Size: 8.5 Mb
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Description of OK캐쉬백 [즐거움이 포인트다]

★ new way to earn points only enjoy cash back only OK APP!
-Mart only bar code scanning products even point ssatyeoyo! Try also scan receipts ~.
- Special big points that can be written only in a special merchants! Get a pre-zoom point!
- Want to earn more easily? ~ Hard to do when bored games, advertising reports, event participation point when ssatyeoyo.
- OK earn cash back to get real prices Point shopping! Sagijeon pretty clothes, the mall before you buy, to purchase through the whole delivery OK OK cashback cashback app and get the point!

★ OK cashback Rock; 樂 settings only if the Lock screen is OK cashback on top of each point on top of each!
- OK cashback Rock; 樂 check a wide range of content through the lock screen of your smartphone, and I can earn cash back points, such as the OK to unlock cash.
- You can more easily earn the first screen.
- You can earn benefits as well as check the latest news, shopping discount, to trend information.
- Cash Back Points accumulated OK to mobile coupons, vouchers culture, tinkaesi from a convenience store coupons, Gifticon, movies, etc. I am Advance tickets can I purchase a product you want.
- Making smart money habits every day! Enjoy a variety of benefits to the OK cashback Rock (樂)!

Where is the benefit in the surrounding stores ★?
- Somewhere our neighborhood? Check the local and shop easily and conveniently get benefits. Of course, OK cashback merchants views of my surroundings, free coupons and pre-zoom point, products Flyer, make up to the event!

★ How to wisely spend points collected at the OK cashback APP!
- Games, movies, beauty, purchase books, shopping, dining, etc. 17 categories filled with discount coupons - Earn points and get up again.
- SK gas stations, Homeplus, 11th Street, G Market, Outback, Hoppin such as online coupons, discounts up to 80% discount affiliate.
- The goods in the topic! OK cashback HOT recommend this one sells cheaper to buy a number of points that privilege!

[main function]
- Point Writing / Building: affordable used my points to 3-20 times, and to meet a variety of ways to earn.
- Charging Point: lack of points can be resolved at once with 'OK cashback Charging'.
- Points Gifts / write as: family / friends and also send and receive points, summing up as try!
- Points to exchange: OK, cashback and mileage of the party I can use freely exchanged.

[Inquiry Receipt]
- Application Developer / Sales Member: SK Planet
- Developer and Support URL: www.skplanet.com
E-mail: [email protected]
- Representative Tel: 1599-0512



OK캐쉬백 [즐거움이 포인트다] 5.6.1 screenshot 371131
OK캐쉬백 [즐거움이 포인트다] 5.6.1 screenshot 371132
OK캐쉬백 [즐거움이 포인트다] 5.6.1 screenshot 371133
OK캐쉬백 [즐거움이 포인트다] 5.6.1 screenshot 371134
OK캐쉬백 [즐거움이 포인트다] 5.6.1 screenshot 371135
OK캐쉬백 [즐거움이 포인트다] 5.6.1 screenshot 371136
OK캐쉬백 [즐거움이 포인트다] 5.6.1 screenshot 371137

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