Yahoo!カーナビ - 無料で使える本格カーナビアプリ 1.16.9 Apk

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Category: Transport
Requires: Android 4.0 and up
Curent version: 1.16.9
Updated: 06.03.2016
Price: Free
Size: 34.43 Mb
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Description of Yahoo!カーナビ - 無料で使える本格カーナビアプリ

Yahoo car navigation system is equipped with the function of enhancement comparable to the full-scale car navigation system! Onboard navigation that can be used in smartphone.
Its function ① map also provides a real-time display ④ speed warning information display ③ parking free information VICS congestion regulatory information in the automatic update ② free navigation and free.
If they have this, your smart phone will be the car navigation system.

Please be operated in accordance with actual traffic rules.
Please do not because it is a very dangerous operation and screen gaze of "Yahoo! car navigation system" in the operation.
Please be watching the operation and the screen after stopping in safe place.

«Full-scale car navigation system to evolve»
◆ we began to provide the function "driving force diagnosis" that supports safe driving. We will do a comprehensive advice scored a driving force in the 100-point scale.
◆ "Yahoo! Car navigation" app, was awarded the Good Design Award 2015.
◆ congestion information by the "probe" can now be displayed.
◆ screen in the guidance are optimized for tablet, now allows simultaneous display of the map and highway mode.
◆ is now to be seen "fast congestion map" to be able to check the traffic jam information realistic map. ※ 1
◆ now possible to set the starting point. Also, since we will be able to replacement of stopover, Please use in such plan of journey.
◆ stopover at the time of route search can now be set up to three locations.
◆ you will be able to voice guidance in the background state.
※ Because you use the GPS in the background, please note on the remaining amount of battery.

■ main function ■
(1) Display map
· VICS congestion information, to view the regulatory information ※ 1
- The intersection of the lane information, an intersection name display
· 3D display of the map
(2) Navi traveling
· Intersection name display
And audio guide is also read aloud intersection name
(3) highway dedicated navigation traveling
- Toll road entrance illustrations display
Show branch illustrations in interchange and junction
• To view the service area and parking area information
(4) destination search where you can search for what you need in real-time
Parking lot full sky information
- Gas station fee
· Gas station car wash coupons
(5) high-speed traffic jam map
• The display congestion information highway in a dedicated map
Chain regulation, also easy to read display regulatory information such as road closures due to heavy rain and accidents

Other functions
• What route can arrive at around anything with whether the e-mail, Facebook, and adds the "root share" to be able to contact friends on Twitter. ※ 2
· Rain clouds you can see the rain clouds of the periphery of the current position in the radar. ※ 3
· You can call a location that was a favorite in the Yahoo! map. Favorite shops and tourist facilities, it can easily be set as the destination You can register and service area.

※ 1 is to use You must be logged in Yahoo! JAPAN ID (free).
※ 2 "Facebook", "Twitter" app must be installed.
※ 3 "Yahoo! Map" application must be installed.

«Operating environment»
Android 4.x or more
※ However, there are times when it does not work properly with some models.
This application, Yahoo! JAPAN Terms of Use ( on the check, please use.

It may not work properly with terminal temperature rises.



Yahoo!カーナビ - 無料で使える本格カーナビアプリ 1.16.9 screenshot 381422
Yahoo!カーナビ - 無料で使える本格カーナビアプリ 1.16.9 screenshot 381423
Yahoo!カーナビ - 無料で使える本格カーナビアプリ 1.16.9 screenshot 381424
Yahoo!カーナビ - 無料で使える本格カーナビアプリ 1.16.9 screenshot 381425
Yahoo!カーナビ - 無料で使える本格カーナビアプリ 1.16.9 screenshot 381426
Yahoo!カーナビ - 無料で使える本格カーナビアプリ 1.16.9 screenshot 381427
Yahoo!カーナビ - 無料で使える本格カーナビアプリ 1.16.9 screenshot 381428
Yahoo!カーナビ - 無料で使える本格カーナビアプリ 1.16.9 screenshot 381429
Yahoo!カーナビ - 無料で使える本格カーナビアプリ 1.16.9 screenshot 381430
Yahoo!カーナビ - 無料で使える本格カーナビアプリ 1.16.9 screenshot 381431

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