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Description of Yasin Suresi(Sesli)

Yasir benefits of surahs

It is declared in hadith:

"In the Quran there is a chapter on him in the sight of God" to Azia "is called. One person who read the surahs, Doomsday day so no one will intercede. That time period is the time Yasi. "

Yasir Sura-i-Sharif read a few of the profit to study:

1 - Death of the patients who were not healed.

2 - Death from the patient feels no pain of death.

3 - when you're dying to see the angels of heaven.

4 - Human sure be afraid.

5 - Strange finds help.

6 - Open, which will be satiated. So hope comes from where sustenance.

7 - Anhydrous, which finds water until kanınca.

8 - Single of the marriage would be easy.

9 - Find the dress is not the dress.

10 - Unseen things that are found.

But it is necessary to read them and believe by niyyet.

Şa'rânî buyuruyor Imam said:

"My patient well or if the following work product, if the reward Seyyidet yummy Majesty another to Allah, for three years and read or a sheep cut nez I get to the course of the wish as that is considered much experience has been."

Yes bin Malik (ra) has narrated from Prophet (saas); "The heart of the Qur'an is Yasin-i-Sharif. Who reward him for the sake of Allah and the Hereafter, demanding read, Allah forgiveness of his sins would., Please read it on your dead." He said.

-Abu Huraira (ra) has narrated from Prophet (pbuh) said; "Who overnight, for the sake of Allah shall be forgiveness of sins if Yassin read."

-Anas (ra) narrated from was: he said; Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) said: "Everything has a heart, and the heart of the Qur'an is Yasin. Whoever read Sura Yasin-i read this sura, Allah because he read the Qur'an as much as ten times the reward Bestows . "

-Prophet. Ali (ra) narrated BEEN by the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) has said to them: "Ali read the Qur'an, in Surah because there are abundance of them;

If one read-Yitig who regains yitig,

2-If you get out of jail prisoners are read,

Read naked if you are dressed in three-,

4-read it saturates the hungry,

If reading is mated to 5-Single,

If you read the 6-passenger sees help on the journey,

If Anhydrous 7-read water bleed,

Read on to find if the patient heals 8-bon appetit,

If you are in fear, afraid of 9 can be sure of reading,

10 Read-fatal if the patient's pain and suffering alongside lighter.

-Aisha (ra) from; "Verily, there is a period in the Qur'an. Itself is very reads the intercession. Listen while forgiveness will be. OR, Surah Yasin-i is.



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