BabyMonitor 1.2.2 Apk

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Category: Tools
Requires: Android 2.1 and up
Curent version: 1.2.2
Updated: 09.09.2011
Price: Free
Size: 0.02 Mb
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Description of BabyMonitor

BabyMonitor supervises noise in a room and calls a specified number if a certain alarm level is reached.
Moreover BabyMonitor is able to automatically accept calls from the same number. As a result you are able to perform "control calls".

This app comes for free: No hidden fees, no limitation in features or time. No ads!

Yet another baby monitor app?
Well I found a couple of them but either they do not provide enough possibilities to adapt signal level to individual needs or they are extremly huge (3-8 MByes for such a simple application? Unbelievable!) This application has a size of only 23 kByte.

All settings are on one page. Not hidden menus.
Play around with the parameters and enjoy.
This app was developed, tested and extensively used by parents.

What we do not provide:
Sending SMS is not necessary. A ringtone is as good as an SMS an is for free in every case.
Playing sounds and images for babys: Responsible parents should be nearby and come over if offspring seems to have a problem.

Tip: keep degrading radiation far from babys. So you better keep your mobile far away and increase "sensitivity".

BabyMonitor automatically sets ringer mode to silent and resets to previous value when stopped.

On some devices "auto answer" feature does not work. Well, bad luck if it does not work on yours. Please do not ask to "fix this bug". There is no solution for this issue!

How it works:
Noise is meassure using the internal microphone. Values are miltiplied by a "sensitivity" factor. Result is displayed as noise input "value". Whenever this noise value exceeds half of displayed width it is added to an "alarm level value".
Whenever "noise input value" is lower than half of display "alarm level value" is frozen for a while (can be adjusted by "peak hold time"). If noise values still stays below its limit, alarm value is decreased.
Whenever "alarm value" exceeds a limit (which is called "threshold", BabyMonitor calls the specified phone number.
After a call ends, BabyMonitor sleeps for 0-10 minutes before it again starts this processing noise.



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