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Updated: 25.09.2015
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Description of Tra câu

Tracau (or Tra Câu in Vietnamese) English Vietnamese is a smart language tool specially designed for those who works with Vietnamese or English as a foreign language on a daily basis.

In many situations, a dictionary doesn’t help you much with your communication in Vietnamese or English due to cultural differences or writing style. Close your dictionary and open Tracau.

With millions of sentence pairs, Tracau is the only app in Google Play that enables users to search for meanings of words by the way they are used in sentences. For each query, user can quickly browse through the search results to choose the correct Vietnamese/English sentence for conversation, document writing, or translation. Users can search using both English and Vietnamese (with or without diacritics).

Tracau is neither a translation machine nor a traditional dictionary. All sentence pairs in Tracau were collected and translated by contributors so you would not have to worry about nonsense results, which are often produced from machine translation or inappropriate style when using dictionary.

With a huge number of English and Vietnamese word entries, Tracau can also be used as a traditional English-Vietnamese or Vietnamese-English dictionary. The application can intelligently recognizes whenever an English verb is entered so that user can look up its tenses.

Tracau is a dynamic system, which means it is updated regularly. If you have any suggestions of new feature, new sentence pair, or simply spot an incorrect translation, please write to us at [email protected] or use the "Report Error" function, which is handily available in the application.

- 2.000.000+ pairs of English <-> Vietnamese sentences
- English-Vietnamese dictionary, Vietnamese-English offline dictionary
- Automatic language recognition of input search terms
- Favourite folders
- History navigation
- Copy to clipboard
- Supports precomposed/combining Unicode search terms for faster search
- No in app purchases. Absolutely FREE.

Also known as:
- Từ điển Tra câu
- Tu dien Anh Viet Tra cau
- Tu dien Viet Anh Tra cau
- Tu dien Anh Viet, Viet Anh Tra cau
- Tu dien tra cau
- Tracau dictionary
- Tracau English Vietnamese



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