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Description of Kanzul Iman Shareef

JazakAllahu Khaira to dawateslami.net for providing Urdu Translation, Tafseer & Audio
Also to alahazrat.net for providing English Translation.
Disclaimer: I am Solely Responsible for any Mistakes or Problems with this Software, Dawat e' Islami or alahazrat.net are not to be held responsible for anything Bad regarding this Software..
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First let us start by saying that we did our best,
We hope that you do realize that we are Only Human (Not Malaaika) :P


So there could be Hidden bugs in the app, before rating low, please contact us so that we can try and fix the issue.
JazakAllahu Khaira,

Please Show Us some Muhabbat and Give a 5 Star Rating!

Download Audio Folder From:


Download the audio folder into a computer.. (this folder is zipped) so

extract the folder using win zip or win rar...

also make sure the audio folder name is 'Kanzul_Iman_Audio'

also make sure that there is no duplicate 'Kanzul_Iman_Audio' folder inside this 'Kanzul_Iman_Audio' folder

'Kanzul_Iman_Audio' folder should have 2 folders inside it named 'q' and 'u' respectively..

Place the extracted 'Kanzul_Iman_Audio' Folder directly inside the SdCard, (If not Present then Directly in the main Internal Memory)
Don’t Put it inside Any Sub Directories/Folders.

When You Click Stop Audio It Will Wait till The Current Recitation Is Complete To Stop Audio, Because its not right to cut off the Recitation.
Also While Recitation Is being Played, You Cannot Navigate Away from the Audio Page, For the Same Reasons.

To View Urdu, Your Device Should Already Support It, If not we would advise you to Flash to a Rom That does support it. The 'Cynogenmod' Rom is one of the best out there.


1. Directly Go to Surah, Ayah, Para, Ruku and Manzil.

2. View Urdu & English Meaning.

3. View Urdu Tafseer.

4. Listen to Arabic Quran Audio & Urdu Meaning Audio
(Separately or one after the other)

5. Book Marks (Up to 6)

6. SMS Urdu & English Meaning (Also Preview SMS)

7. Export Meaning and Tafseer to a text file (in your device) After exporting you will be able to send the file via Bluetooth, Email or MMS. (This Feature Would Be Disabled For Devices that cannot give Write Permissions)

8. Change Font Size, Color, Back Color, Set Bold to true or false.

9. View Multiple Ayah, Or Single Ayah.

10. Arabic Text Is NOT PRESENT.



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Kanzul Iman Shareef 3.3 screenshot 423321
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